Any Word On Ricky Ray?

Any Word On Ricky Ray?

As well as is to be expected. :slight_smile:

This is encouraging news. I hope he can bounce back quickly.

Bounce back to live normally but I think he should, for his own sakes and his family sakes, just pack it in right now. At his age.

I hope Ricky makes a full recovery, but I am not sure he should ever step on a football field again - except to accept a round of applause for his retirement and to accept his Hall of Fame award.

I think he is a great ambassador for our League and a Class act, but I want him to be able to enjoy the rest of his life with his family.

Thoughts go out to the Ray Family! Hope he recovers well and quickly!

I agree with you MrLucky. If I were his family - I would definitely be pushing him to retire. He's got nothing else to prove on the footbll field. Time to move on while still healthy (I hope) to the next part of his life - while he still can.

I agree, move to back up and let the young guy take over. ?

I concur

He's got nothing left to prove. When beingtaken off on Saturday the 'Ricky' chants went on especially in our section which is close to where the stretcher came out.

Franklin looked good the rest of the way despite the results we're not in doubt. Toronto

Argonauts said on Monday night that QB Ricky Ray has been released from hospital and is back home with is family. The team said he is still to undergo more tests to evaluate his neck injury, and will miss significant time this season. There is no timetable for his return at this point. Ray was hurt in the third quarter on Saturday against the Calgary Stampeders.

He needs to think of his life ahead of him, he's played football for a long time and had an excellent career.

I expect his family will be practically begging him to retire.

Glad Ricky is okay .

He needs to just assist the team with QB's and offensive schemes and transition into coaching from here on in .

Huge merits for Ray on opportunities in a future career in coaching for sure - Along with AJ Gass, I met Ray 9 years ago who has a very smoothe personality.

Why should he retire? If his neck is cleared, he loves the game....keep playing....retire on his own terms. I would hate to see him hang em up over a freak thing if he is good to go. This makes no sense to don't quit doing something if you love it...even if you had an injury. If the doc says there are new risks from this, pack it in.

In the future of Ray's career, not now and of course I want Ricky healthy to play again. Re-read the post Depop, don't put words or assume meaning on my account.

Where did I quote or reference you or your post? I didn't.

I quoted/referenced nobody because it was a general post....that yes, contradicts some people's POV on the matter.

Upon re-reading the posts, I understood them much better now. All good my apology

I think we all wish Ricky a full recovery. Ricky is one of those players that transcends fan bases.

While he is home recovering. I am looking forward to the question many have asked. How will Trestman do without a HOF quarterback...

Ray is a humble man, especially for his greatness. Makes it hard not to respect him on some level for sure.

Coming off what is probably not even really arguably his best year in his amazing career, Trestman did wonders for him...will be interesting to watch