Any word on Otis floyd or a Defensive Co-ordiantor ?

Any word on Otis floyd or a Defensive Co-ordiantor ?

If OtIs comes in will he be put in OLB ?
I hope we get a DC soon ....hopefully Marshall or Stubler

Spoke to Nicole at the Ti-Cat office today. Renewed my season tickets for year 22. Asked about a new DC. No news yet. Hope we get a good one soon!

Well Edmonton announced that they were unable to come to a deal with Greg Marshall (the ex-Winnipeg DC) so I would expect an announcement of his signing in Hamilton to come sooner rather than later.

I hope Marshall comes to Hamilton . our defence especially pass rush was brutal last year and we were always one step behind every play .

The defensive backfrield was reasonable even with zero pass rush .

I think your analysis is bang-on, gerbear9.

Hamilton could have had 5 all stars in the secondary last year and it wouldn't have made much (if any) difference. With no pass rush there's no pressure on the opposing he then has time to go to his second, third, fourth read........and no matter how good your secondary is, if you are giving that much time to a QB, he'll find someone open.

And that's what happened to the Cats last year.

So, fix that defensive line, get some quality pass rushers in there, mix up the defensive schemes to get more pressure, and I think you'll find that the Cats' secondary will do just fine.

I think it is safe to assume that with Marshall comes Richard Harris who has managed the D-Line in Ottawa and Winnipeg under Greg's tutelage.

wow, another potentially good coach signing in the CFL. Is this a sign? Now we'll see what TO and Sask. can do. :thup:

...Richard Harris has re-signed with the Bombers as of todays WPG. Free Press....we're not letting that quality coach go anywhere :wink:

Oh gee papa have a heart !!

First you guys screw the Cats out of Tom Canada, now you prevent them from getting Richard Harris.

You cruel people out there...............


.....sorry to be so mean.....but it's like this....Mike Kelly knows quality when he sees he didn't want to see him slip away....look for a good signing off of the esks. coaching ranks as well.....and , no,'s not Campbell... :wink: :lol:

It would be nice to get an announcement sometime this week (like today) regarding Greg Marshall's decision.

If he rejects the job in Hamilton, we'll certainly have to use our options to get someone in here quickly.

I am in full accord with statements made which suggest our linebackers aren't as desperate for new blood as is our defensive line. I presume this is high on the Cat Agenda of things to be done. (like yesterday) :wink:

We Have Options???

This one of Biggest Pet peeves about Out Ticats
Waiting to last Second to hire coaches
Taaffe was late hire then his assistants where
we got people with no CFL Expecerance
last year we hire Denny late and it did not work out again late Hire
now this year again we Temping Fate on DC Front ..
Wake up can't keep doing this .
it never works out

There does seem to be a pattern here. Why not go after the best guys right away?

Of course we do! Stubler or any number of Canadian or American college coaching personnel. I'm sure there are more too, but time is of the essence so we can get a playbook ready and decide on the best players to execute the new plans.

Here's a whole lot of non answers from CHML on the subject at hand.

A lot of Maybes.

Ticats coaching staff nearing completion
Rick Zamperin

Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille hopes to have his defensive coaching staff in place by the end of this week.

Bellefeuille wouldn't confirm it, but there have been rumblings that the Cats may hire Greg Marshall as their defensive coordinator.

The 52-year old Marshall spent the last three seasons as defensive coordinator in Winnipeg, and has also coached in Ottawa, Edmonton and Saskatchewan.

General manager Bob O'Billovich tells CHML News that free agent linebacker Otis Floyd has not signed with the team, but says Floyd is on Hamilton's radar.

Meantime, negotiations with free agent kicker Nick Setta continue.

Hamilton's other free agents include running back Jesse Lumsden and linebacker Ray Mariusz.

And Benevides has told Wally that he is staying in B.C.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its Greg Marshall (the other). I just hope they don't end up taking a flyer on someone that seems to have done OK for a few months with a CFL team and has gone on to be a winner in the whatever US Charlie.
I don't think Obie operates that way though so it looks to me like it still comes down to Marshall or Stubler.

Ah you can keep him. He's old and his only real credit was MacArthur's Park.

"Someone left the cake out in the rain... I don't think that I can take it.....cause it took so long to bake it....and I'll never have that recipe againnnnnnnnnnnn."