Any word on Jordan Yantz ?

With Mike Reilly looking more and more like he may be leaving via the free agent the more important that the Lions look to groom some young QBs Yantz was the 4th QB at the Lions Camp last season and altough everyone seems to think that after 5 years in the BCFC with the VI Raiders he may be looking to play in the CIS but he can still attend camp and possibility spend time on the practice roster as they bring him along in stages.

No word on Yantz but he'd be in tough based on who's committed to 2013 camp. Behind Lulay (and assuming Mike Reilly departs for a better opportunity) is:

Thomas DeMarco - played limited reps toward the end of the season, but may be the most polished I've seen from a 1st year 3rd string QB in some time. Rather 'flutie-esque' in stature but live arm and extremely poised.

Jarrett Brown - a late season signing. Was only on the practice roster but is committed for 2013 camp. Big, strong, mobile.

Casey Therriault - like Brown, was signed late after being on their radar for some time. Unlike Brown though, was released. However, they may have seen just enough to invite him back for camp.

No word on Yantz but it's unlikely that they're going to have more than 4 QBs at camp.

Yantz as a Canadian QB is a non counter and although he will most likely be playing n the CIS somewhere he is eligible to make the PR and they need to bring in a Canadian QB. The only other option may be Greg Bowcott of the Lamgley Rams. Yantz did have a pretty good camp last year. That is Unless Yantz is thinking about going back home to Play for U of Regina and could be asked to attend Risers Camp.

Bringing Yantz to camp in 2012 surprised me a bit as I thought they would have offered UBC's Billy Greene a camp invite. Turns out he had a sub-par year which doesn't help his chances for this year, plus they seem to have a closer relationship with Junior Football in this province than the CIS. That being said, I'd be surprised if Yantz comes back to camp this year.

Billy Greene is more of a runner at QB and is already envisioned as a FB where Yantz like Quinlan and Sinopoli are true QBs. Quimlan ran out of neccessity this season but is still more of a QB. I do agree that Yantz may not quite be ready and some time in the CIS would help. I guess the Lions figure that since Yantz will be heading to the CIS he will no longer be within BCs territotial rights and would be a free agent to sign with any team after CIS play. I thought that with Harris there his ties to BCwould be stronger and that still could be true but taking a look at Greg Bowcott may be a good idea since he spent last season with Langley and has already played in the NCAA.
With Faulds taking the Laurier Job and will be bringing that pro style no huddle offense with him Yantz may be a good fit as I am not sure that any of Laurier’s curretn QBs could handle such an offense with Laurier finishing at the bottom of the CIS in passing.
It will be intersting and I guess we shall see. He most likley be able to go home to regina and start with the loss of Mueller but they will be in rebuilding mode with the loss of some other key players