Any word on Jesse??

Has anyone heard if Jesse will play saturday?

He is getting in some first string reps,
much the same as last week, IWSU.

He doesn't look limited by this injury
but the medical people will decide.

I don't think he's playing.

Ken Peters in his Cat Chat blog today says Lumsden won't play another game in a Cats uniform. Doesn't elaborate.
He also says Terry Caulley won't be playing .... that's correct because the Cats have placed him today on the nine week injury list. So he's done for the season.
And Peters also says Kenton Keith is doubtful 'maybe' for Saturday. Again, he doesn't elaborate.

Keith is injured too? wtf is going on.... do these guys know how to stretch before games or what?

Ken gets paid to 'elaborate' in his column

In his blog he is free to 'fabricate.'

in the best tradition of the worst of posters.

Cat Be Nimble...Cat Be Sick.

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A word for jesse,injury-prone.


Jesse "Glassman" Lumsden

how's that?