Any Word on Jason Goss?

so .. is marcel planning on convincing to cum back or no? nebody got nething here?

I heard Goss went home because there was an illness in the family. As much as I wish he'd come back I think he's done

i guess it will depend on the outcome of said illness, and the timing of it. if it goes something like AJ Gass this past year with major stuff right around TC, maybe Goss will show up midseason... but then who knows what kind of physical shape he would be in at that point. would he be able to jump right in and contribute? who knows...

I wouldn't count on seeing him back playing football this year.

Marcel spoke with him in December according to the Spec, and there is no news there. Nothing has changed. He won't be here. I wish he would come back when these problems are resolved. He's a true talent.