Any word on Dressler ????

Heart sank when he limped off the field....
Any word ???

on radio they said a sprain

my heart sank too, he would be a loss, but withe the depth we have at receiver i don't think it would be a "BIG" loss. but still a loss.

This is extemely early to know anything.....
but the word I heard (reasonable source) is 2-3 weeks. Sprain.
It is impossible to have any definitive information this soon though.

Vanstone says a sprain. I'm glad it wasn't a break! Off to the hot tub, Weston, but not the one in the end-zone, LOL!

it's unfortunate, really is! :frowning: but we will survive this.. our receiver's depth is really strong! :slight_smile: we will overcome it!

absolutly gerran walker has looked spectacular at time so far

now is Clermont's time to shine, you can never have enough good reciever's particularly Canadian ?????

(protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs)

Unfortunately, the latest word is that his season could be over.

I think we should wait till Tuesday to get a more definitive answer.

Rod Pederson reported it's a fractured fibula and he's likely done for the season.

This is unfortunate, but at least we got Armstead to run those reciever handoffs and whatnot. Here is hoping that Rod Peterson doesnt know what he is talking about.

just from watching it I would say severe sprain deltoid ligament with associated fractured fibula would be my bet. todays reports seem to agree with fibula fracture. shut him down for the year. if he sprained it bad enough to fracture his fibula his ligaments are torn to hell as well

Bismark paper said he could be back this year.The source was his dad its not as bad as it loooked lets hope so.

It looks like he could possibly be back for the playoffs. Do we bring Dominquez back? Is this the time to start using Clermont in our offence? My heart goes out to the guy he plays with such heart and determination - he will be sorely missed going down the stretch.

I think Clermont steps in and we think about Dominguez if Dressler can't make it back in time for playoffs ( AKA - if Dresser hits the 9-Game rather than the 1-Game ).

The fractured fibulas are back.

But, ET will find us somebody. Always does. Maybe he'll talk Yo Murphy out of retirement.

We could always sign Dominguez to play the wide side and have Gerran Walker take Dressler's spot he has the speed.

Unfortunately the sprain is going to cause bigger problems than the break. I don't see him coming back this year. I don't think we need Dominguez back just yet. Clermont has got to get some touches and Rob Bagg becomes a lot more important now. Maybe Armstead can get in the offense a bit to replace some of Dressler's speed.

I stand corrected. In the words of Kent Austin "an injury is no excuse for a drop in play performance...the replacement player is expected to perform at the same level." Time for Armstead, or another player to step up.

What are the chances of MD being re-signed? I'm thinking NOT LIKELY!

I don't think this means any additional playing time for Clermont since Dressler is an import player. They probably put Armstead on the field more or perhaps the receiver that started the season where Walker is playing, Jones?

I don't understand how they keep putting NIcolson out there before Clermont though.