Any word of potential free agents this year?

Okay does anyone have any idea the free agents that are on their respective teams they pull for. Pappa I hear that there are 8 for the bombers is this true and who might they be?

If JJ isn't signed by Feb., he's a free agent (I think).

Thanks Deb! I am unsure of any Stamps at this point that are available but I am sure there will be a few replaced this year with a new coach. Maybe redandwhite might know. one....expect him to re-sign
....Hebert....might go back to the nfl...can't think of any others ...
Rumour out of T.O. is that Arland Bruce could be heading back to the Peg....with interest also shown by the Esks.....still quite awhile till FEB. 16/08 my son...and i'm sure there will be all kinds of rumours spinning till then???? :wink:

why can't the cfl just get off it's a$$ and put out a list like the nfl.

That would be great and give us fans interest in the off season. Maybe just maybe someone will wake up and make cfl news year round for discussion.

...i agree.....more exposure....more success... :rockin:

I think he is the only Free Agent (Maybe one other) that the Lions need to sign, otherwise, everyone is under contract. With Dickenson gone, we have $400,000 left under the cap to play with.

Look out Riders, bring on the re-match :wink: :wink: …next year! :frowning: :frowning:

I know the biggest profile Riders that will become free agents are Reggie Hunt and Matt Dominguez.

Jojuan Armour is a FA in Hamilton.
Jesse Lumsden is in his option year, so he could go to the NFL if he wanted to. But only playing 1/2 season due to injury, it's safe to say he won't get a look by the NFL. Nick Setta is also a FA (he was only signed for one year... Stupid Desjardins!!). He will stay in Hamilton though, unless an NFL team wants him, which is apparently a rumour.

Don't know any other free agent players from Hamilton.

For Sask I also read in an article that Eddie Davis will be free, but i'd be quite suprised if he isnt resigned. Reggie I expect to be gone and Matt i imagine will be back but who knows till mid Feb.

Not so sure about that, wasn't Dickenson one of the guys signed to front end loaded contracts prior to the SMS taking effect. Could be wrong but might have to check last years news clips.

We did fairly well without Matt D, so he might be gone, as well as Hunt, he wants to play with his brother, so he might wind up in BC. Eddie Davis is the one most likely to remain a Rider.

The Bombers have 8 FA'S: Tom Canada, Dan Goodspeed, Matt Sheridan, Ryan Dinwiddie, Adrian Baird, Adam Bearman, Jaimie Stoddard and Neil McKinley. Kyries Hebert is not a FA, he'll be in his option year.

The other thing teams like the Bombers need to worry about is the loophole that was closed after last years Grey Cup that teams took advantage of. They were able to sign players and give them huge signing bonuses that didn't have to be declared against the cap. For instance the Bombers signed Doug Brown for I think it was $150,000.00 but $100,000 of that was as a bonus and didn't count against the cap. Next season all $150,000 will count against the cap so that will affect how teams deal with FA'S. I know several teams took advantage of that loophole during Grey Cup week last year.

i heard a rumor that barron miles, korey banks and otis are to be potential FA's.... some BC fans want to clear this up for me?

i also heard copeland may be cut, but people have been saying that since last feb....

and arland bruce is a potential free agent

I just want you to know that the Option thingy with the NFL expired.. so unless the CFL and NFL makes a new deal.. Lumsden isn't going anywhere...

Setta is likely off to the NFL at least for try outs.

I think Matt D will stay...

I hope Reggie Hunt stays, but....:frowning:

I honestly think Eddie isnt going anywhere...

And I heard James Johnson is a free agent... Anyone know if thats true?

wow if matt D's gone id love to have him join the blue for sure

I heard that everyone other than Jarious Jackson is under contract, but I'm getting my information from the radio stations comment on Monday.....they have been known to be wrong!