Any Wikipedia Editors Out There?

The Argo entry on Wikipedia is far more impressive and informative than the Tiger-Cat entry. It's also updated to Sept. 4!

Anybody with time who can fix this?!

you really want a ticat update on wikipedia now? i shure dont.....

I can help.

Check out the Grey cups under team facts.

and something on the Ticats that they rock. That was me :rockin:

I can help too.

Mark, Bob Young, and Ti-Cat fans everywhere..

If you have any shred of decency and respect to the black and gold, and the legends of Grover Covington, Angelo Mosca, Bernie Faloney et al., do not, I repeat, DO NOT let this man anywhere near the history of this franchise. That is, unless you want the good name of the prides of Steeltown to be modified to the extent where it will include inaccurate facts and rule changes so insipid, Osbaldiston will forever be named "Aussie" with "Oy! Oy! Oy!" followed soon after.

After this season, I could deal with a bit of Kanga revisionism.

So, knock yourself out KK. I'm confident you wouldn't print it if it wasn't ture.