Any way to watch the game on TV Friday?

Do any of you Rider fans know if this game will be televised anywhere?
I know TSN or CBC won't be carrying it.
Maybe a local station in Regina that Ottawa folks might be able to get on satelite or something?

It really sucks that a major station (sportsnet) can't carry games when the regular ones won't! Or maybe they can and they decided not to...

Anyway- please reply if you know of anybody carrying it!


PS - Of course I hope you guys lose Friday and on the 11th in Ottawa, but hopefully we'll meet you in the Grey cup....

As far as I know, no network is carrying it - period. Generally when that happens, they only tape for highlight purposes.

Well it says right here on my schedule that TSN is carrying it.

Check again, ChrisW - even the TSN website says it's not on. They're showing the Calgary/BC game at 10 Eastern on Friday.

If you have statelitte you may be able to pick up an American station that is covering it .

My schedule says Friday july 29 Ottawa at Saskatchewan 7:00p.m TSN.
Unless its a misprint

Misprint. BC/Calgary is on at 8 pm - check It's right there.

Seems like it's always this match up that doesn't get TV coverage...

The league has a hate on for the Gades...

Would be a great game to watch too!

unless its like hockey night in Canada and the east will see the riders and gades. While the west will se B.C and Calgary.
Just a thought.

Thanks for all your help everyone!
PS- I was at a Regina Pats game about 10 years ago and everyone there was really quiet. Is it the same at the football games?
That would be good for play calling....

My schedule says the game is on TSN but that the Cal/BC game is not televised. However, I assume the TSN website is correct. 9 friggin teams, four games a week and we can't set the schedule so they are all covered.


Nope the American channels use TSN or CBC feed. If they aint showing it you aint gonna see it


I does say under US Broadcast schedule, that there are US stations picking it up.

I've heard the CFL wants some PPV games for those untelevised.