Any Video Posted of the '86 Grey Cup Team at Half-time?

Couldn’t make the game and would love to see it.

They honoured them before the game. It was lame. What a shame.

The rhyme was unintended.

No need for a video of what they did.

A short game recap was shown on the Tigervision. The players in attendance stood in a line and were introduced so they could wave to the crowd. This year's Ticats TV host, Lily, briefly chatted with Grover Covington, then Mike McCarthy. Nothing particularly interesting was said, but it was fun to cheer those present to show our appreciation. McCarthy briefly mentioned about how the east final had been a two game total point series that year, and how the Cats had to come from behind.

Even though the event was pretty low key, it made me smile, because the '86 Cats' comeback against the Argos in game two of the total point series was a huge factor in establishing my lifelong passion for this team. The -1 yards of offense for Edmonton in the first half of the Grey Cup was icing on the cake.

Hi Safetyblitz:

I remember that second game in Toronto. The critics didn't give our guys much of a chance. I was a nervous wreck listening to the game on the radio all that afternoon. But the guys came through.

Some tried to write them off against Edmonton in the Grey cup, including the Eskimos, who called them old and slow. By halftime of that game, Hamilton was in full control with Dunigan running for his life from our ferocious front four. He sure wasn't calling them slow then.

I wish I could have been there to see them this past weekend. They provided some wonderful and lasting memories for at least one Tiger cat fan.

One everlasting memory from the game was seeing Dunigan on the sidelines trying to put his contact lens back in. He was too nervous and it was taking an inordinate amount of time. Great QB, just overwhelmed by the irresistible force that was the Ticat D in that game. :thup:

Is there a list somewhere of the former players who attended this 25th anniversary game?


After the last two disgusting games at Ivor Wynne, for the next home game, should this team fail to show up and play, they should start airing the ENTIRE '86 Grey cup game on the stadium scoreboard to demonstrate to these players and the coaching staff what inspired and hard hitting Hamilton football TRULY is.

If they have ANY pride in themselves or even in the uniforms they're privileged to wear then this may embarrass them enough to get even an effort out of them. If not, then at least the fans will get some entertainment out of the evening.