Any video of the hit on French??

Does anyone have the clip of Wheaton's hit on French?
That was an unbelievable it. Good on Frenchie for getting up after that.

And, good on the boyz for not letting that change momentum., that was one of the harder hits I've seen.

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that hit is better than wheaton's :slight_smile:

I dunno...pretty close...the crunch was louder on French.

Either way...exciting play...hope French is okay. Glad to see he got up and looked alright.

One thing about the hit on French is not only did he get smashed under the chin by Wheaton, but his body rotated so far that it looks like the side of his head came down pretty hard on the turf as he fell.

One good thing about it.. give French a hell of a lot of credit for making the catch knowing he was gonna get it big time..Mitchell made a similar play against Montreal..our receivers have big "cahoonas" and that's a real positive for the team.

you are getting hit either way so its nice to see that our receivers are losing the crocodile arms!

Did he come up with the catch? I thought he dropped it...

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful hit.

droped ball.

They didn't even show the Hit on Sports Center when they were recapping the game on TSN

This is it here: