any updates on Ottawa?

are there any updates with the teams return? we need them back. what is going on with the stadium and ownership? while i'm on the topic, are there any stadiums coming up in other cities?

The only update on Ottawa that I can tell is no team for 2008.

Or '09. Construction on Lansdowne Park would likely not begin until then.

Here's the timeline:

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I've heard light rumours that news will come soon, but I've heard that before to no effect. Cohon will be in town next week, mind you, but there's nothing to indicate that it's anything related to announcing a team. He will also speak at the U. of O. Touchdown Dinner in April.

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Here's the other Cohon-attended event that I only found out about earlier today.

So he's around town. Maybe while he's here he can take in an ottawa 67's hockey game. :wink:

CRF, they have decided to rebuild the stadium?

Sounds that way, but they haven't really announced anything yet. They're still taking in public opinion, but retaining the stadium appears to be a guideline.

In other words, to submit a bid to refurbish Lansdowne Park, you have to include Frank Clair Stadium in your proposal. So even if the Hunt group were to lose their bid, at least a refurbished stadium would be created that might make things more attractive to someone else.

Part of the problem is that some people in the neighborhood, who hate the crowds and noise that events there create, were suggesting that having the north side only was good enough for it to technically still be "Frank Clair Stadium". :roll: So others had to speak on behalf of Frank Clair Stadium being ALL of Frank Clair Stadium, not just one side.


Typical "not in my backyard" nonsense. Why did they move to that neighbourhood in the first place if they don't want crowds and noise?

I really pray they can strike a deal while the iron is hot. If it drags on much longer investors might walk.

people are raising a stink about 10 football games a year?

So far, they're still interested, just waiting things out even though it doesn't look like they'll be able to include as much residential as they'd hoped.

I guess they're used to that kind of long-term stuff. Jeff Hunt, for example, nailed down the junior hockey championship a good couple of years ahead of time.

Well, that and whatever other events take place there. The U20 soccer event this past summer, the Stones a couple of years ago.

I'm not defending them mind you. Don't move across the street from the church then complain about the bells.

No one has any sympathy for them. It's one thing if they were trying to build something new there now, but as paege says, it's been there for decades.

They were a little wiser this time. They claimed to support AMATEUR sports there, for which the north side would suffice, knowing full well that having north side only would prevent Ottawa from ever getting a football team, a soccer team (or event) and major concert. But it sounds a bit more acceptable than saying "tear down the whole thing", and it doesn't make them seem just anti-sport.

Pretty unpleasant process that got heated at times. I'm glad it's over. They're just down to sending out surveys now, then they start taking basic proposals.