Any updates on Johnny Football

Last I heard, the league was going to have an expert in domestic abuse to interview him to see if he is suitable to play in this league.

Anyone have any ideas of a timetable on this . Any rumors ?

League seems to be making the rules as they go.. and not the first time this year.

Dare I use the word Bush?

Yeah it’s true they are making the rules as they go …I’d like to see this resolved and for us to end up with some quality in the end whether it be johnny or some decent return for him or soem decent return for Collaros

I want to see Manziel as our 2nd string QB for at least until the starting of the reg. season next
year. No one knows how good or bad he will be and I want the Cats to be the team to find out.
If he doesn't pan out then give him to the Arblows.

Any updates on Johnny A - Hole he asks??

Here’s exclusive footage of Johnny at his residence working hard on his comeback . :stuck_out_tongue: ???

zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yawn.

Classic ????

GREY CUPS: Ticats = 15 , Argos = 16 (2017)

Just In !! The Ticats trade Manziel to Argos for a bag of Balls. Johny Football determined to
win GC's for the Argos before he moves on to the NFL. Whats two championship
rings to show off.

2020 Sports News:

GREY CUPS: Ticats = 15, Argos = 19 ( Mr Young finally sells team and life goes on)

Who knows I may be right about this or its just a bad dream.

Who cares!

Sorry ..Argo Fan!

The CFLPA had no issue with league extending 10-day window to deal with Manziel because that clause is in CFL bylaws but not part of CBA.

12 hours ago

That guy looks like he could throw a football a quarter mile, or taken state if coach would have put him in

If Manziel is not eligible to play in the CFL unless/until he is investigated and cleared by the league, why was he allowed to be on a CFL team's negotiation list in the first place?

A player should be deemed eligible to play in the league before his name is allowed on a neg list.

He could throw the ball over those mountains over there. No doubt in my mind.
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12m12 minutes ago
According to CFL sources, Ticats rights to Johnny Manziel likely to be extended beyond Nov. 30th to allow him to complete league’s requirements. Priority is process over deadline. #CFL #Ticats

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10m10 minutes ago
When/if Manziel satisfies CFL requirements to play in 2018, Ticats 10-day window to offer him a contract would begin at that time. #CFL #Ticats

I think the Austin Man-Crush for Johnny is still on. :cry:

Latest update is that Johnny has a new job offer on the table and is seriously considering it . :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Yup latest word is that the offer includes no working on weekends and all the Tacos he can eat . ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I was stunned to learn today that there are actually 3 Taco Time locations in Ontario, 3 more than I expected. Out west it seems like there's one in every mall foodcourt.

I believe he will be a Hamilton tiger-cats