any updates on '09?

Yeah, but it's a little surprising. Some people would ask about whether the part of the park that the rink is in would be affected, suggesting that if it isn't, then screw the south side. It wouldn't affect them, so whatever.

Strange. Granted I wouldn't go out of my way for Jr hockey because I personally am not a fan, but I also wouldn't turn down an opportunity to add my signature to something like this for them if I was approached at a football game. I recognize the good that comes from having them in town.

In any event, it seems that they received several hundred back, some are still coming in, and only two of them had negative comments. They seem quite pleased with the result.

Any more news on how well this is going?

The only thing that's gone on since was the message board that they had for people to comment. There was really only one or two "champions" for the anti-stadium crowd.

The next consultation meeting is this coming Tuesday and it will include Frank Clair stadium discussion still. The people in the Glebe (some of whom hate the stadium because it causes traffic and noise :roll:) seem to be trying to rally the troops (through a press release) to get better representation but it feels like a desperation move.

I expect that anyone who wants to bid for the right to redesign Lansdowne Park will be forced to include a renovated stadium.