any updates on '09?

all is still quiet on the football front? has anyone heard as much as a peep from anyone regarding the cfl coming back to the capital? i guess we're hoping that no news is good news but at some point something has to leak to tease us, doesn't it?

it's obvious that the hunt group are still working things out with the city as we already know that they have the league's blessings.

well,(holding up an imaginary wine glass for a toast),
here's to more info and an announcement sometime in 2008 to allow all of us ROUGH RIDERS to begin to dream about walking over the bank street bridge for a
summer friday night football game at the FRANK.

bring back the glory of the black, red and white and a modernized cowboy riding a ball logo.

city legend

Exactly. Forget all those stupid names being suggested, forget the Renegades, Watters picked that name DESPITE marketing research that concluded fans wanted the Rough Riders name back. BRING BACK THE Ottawa ROUGH RIDERS with the big white ``R`!!!!

Until the city sorts out what will happen to the South Side stands there will be no negotiations or announcements.

Sad but true.

I've seen glaciers move faster than this process.

That said, if it takes them a little longer to put together an owenership scenario that's built for the long-term, I suppose I can grit my teeth and bear it. Maybe even cheer for the Argos.

Bleah! spits Nope. Can't do it. Lawn bowling it is.

Or darts on TSN. I can get that in HD now!


Seriously, I think this "international" competition thing will bomb. I can't imagine that there are many groups in Denmark or Sweden just salivating at the prospect of renovating the place at their own cost for the sheer prestige of it.

Maybe the folks at IKEA?

I could be wrong. I just don't get the point. The people in Hunt's group have a history of charitable work in the city. To turn them away for this competition, rather than kive them the outside track is like flipping them the bird right to their faces, in my view. I wouldn't blame them if they flipped back.

Ottawa Council has a lot of left-wing morons on it. They would rather see that property fall down and sit empty for the next 25 years rather than put money into it for sports purposes. They make me sick.

Sadly, Ottawa's City Council is not the only one dominated by the loony left. It amazes me that the left never even comes close to a sniff of power nationally, but municipally they do quite well; no wonder our cities are in a mess.

It friggin' kills me. About a decade ago, people had to fight again having the stadium ripped down for condos. Now someone wants to repair the stadium AND build condos, but this is unacceptable.

I never thought about it, but you're absolutely right. So what is their problem now. It's the perfect compromise. I think the problem is that, being communists, they want to control everything, they want the concessions, the parking money, the pouring profits and rent. If Ottawa City Council defers that to a group that wants to develop the property, they will have to cooperate with this group. No wonder the Rough Riders couldn't make money. The City of Ottawa was gouging them for everything. Man, I hate them. T

Pardon me but there are 2 great academic institutions in Ottawa, the Univ of Ottawa and Carleton where I'm sure there are enough brains to spill out onto the Rideau Canal. And they have to have a design competition worldwide to design what's best for this space? Give me a friggin break. Unreal. What a waste. Get on with it Ottawa and use the grey matter that is in your city right under your doorstep for freakin sake!!!

Now TOO much land is being considered for development. :roll: I don't recall if in the 90's, only a portion of Lansdowne Park was being considered.

But that's what burns my ass. Can they not negotiate some of this stuff with the Hunt Group? Retain a bit more land for a park and for a spot to hold all your farmers' markets and what-not?

I heard that people aren't crazy about having the "large American retailer" that Hunt had referred to added to the place somewhere. Fine. Is the Hunt group REALLY married to that idea? Has anyone asked?

Why spend a year and $350,000 just to see if someone comes up with something better? If the Hunt group won't budge and people don't like the proposal, that's one thing, but there hasn't been any indication of that.

I'm going to try to find out which councillors voted for this retarded idea and get in touch with them about it. I'm sure Clive Doucet did, since I think it was his idea. I'm pretty sure Peter Hume and Steve Desroches (my guy) did as well.

I'm fairly sure Maria McRae did not, and I'm certain that Bob Monette didn't. Monette talked to Ottawa fans at Grey Cup, decked out in his Renegades gear, and is totally pro football.

I sent an e-mail to Maria McRae about my displeasure with the "International Competition" and the condition of Bank Street. It's starting to look like a street from a ghetto. Billings Bridge to Somerset Street looks pretty bad. Will it kill the City to pave that road ? I also mentioned that they should just give the Lansdowne project to the Hunt group and get on with it.

Good man. Those in favour of football here (and I believe that includes McRae) are REALLY looking for support to be able to point to right now. The Glebites are being real vocal about their dislike for major events that neighborhood.

I got to see a report of the last consultation meeting and it would make your blood boil. You can tell that they're entirely focused on what is good for their little neighborhood, not the good of the city.

Can you post it here or could you PM it to me? Thanks.

I'll see if I can find it. What I've got is a hard copy.

The results on the Design Lansdowne site are turning out to be a fair bit different, thankfully.

And we might get a little encouragement tonight or tomorrow to express our wanting of a renovated stadium. Check local media.

There it is. Thank you, Ottawa Sun. :thup:

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]
A new football stadium could be in the cards for the city.

Two city councillors have printed 12,000 comment cards that they will begin handing out at tonight's Ottawa 67's hockey game looking for public comment on the future of Lansdowne Park.

Orleans Coun. Bob Monette and River Coun. Maria McRae said they want to begin aggressively seeking public comment on what the city should do with not only Frank Clair stadium, but with the entire 18-hectare downtown park.

"We need to find out what the public's opinion is to revitalize Lansdowne Park and the stadium," said McRae, who wants people who receive the cards to fill them out and send them back to City Hall.

The "My Lansdowne includes a revitalized stadium!" card includes an aerial picture of the park on the front and a comment section on the back. Mayor Larry O'Brien will also be handing out the cards as fans enter the Civic Centre for tonight's game. To help bring attention to the cards, a video will be broadcast over the scoreboard.

As soon as the cards begin to arrive back to the councillors, they will be handed over to staff who will use them to draft the terms of reference, to be completed next month, on how the city will proceed with Lansdowne's makeover.

Both councillors want the stadium to remain as a premier location for future events, including the possibility of hosting an outdoor NHL game between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs. If the stadium stays it will also allow anyone who is interested to pursue bringing a CFL team back to the city.

"If we don't have it (the stadium) we lose opportunities for the future," said Monette.

That's great to see. Any idea how to obtain one of these cards if you can't make it to the game? (I have already e-mailed Bob and Maria in hopes of obtaining a card)

E-mailing them was probably your best bet. Monette is all over this and his assistant appears to be very well organized.

Woohoo ... that sounds pretty good to me. I'm glad they're giving them out at a hockey game, too ... get the voice of the sports FANS, not the sport-haters.