Any truth to this?

I think the riders are getting a good qb. It means the end of hoppy Crandell.
With Bishop, Jyles, Crandell and now Bishop Plus Tate. That is way to many to be in the system. Just maybe Tate will have a miracle recovery and end up being odd man out who knows at this time. But I think Bishop is good news for rider fans. Too bad I was sure Durant would be the next guy that would take this team further. Maybe Durant is the guy going to TO?

The receivers the Riders have right now have a hard time catching in the hell are they gonna catch Bishop? :lol:

This is a low risk move for the Riders. I would have liked to see Bishop come to BC.

Tillman got the better end of this one, even if Bishop doesn't perform. They're giving up nobody for a potentially dangerous QB.

...a quarterback is only as dangerous as his feet and his receivers...hopefully one of those two pans out...

Well redwhite we'll have to agree to disagree. I have never thought Bishop is a good QB. Great arm, but questionable ability to read defences, interception prone, and he may not be the best thing for team chemistry. Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun put it best a few years ago, when he enumerated all of Bishop's physical attributes and concluded "He has everything except a clue."

Mind you there was someone on these forums once who referred to him as a million dollar arm with a ten cent brain, and that made me chuckle as well.

You can say TO got nothing but we will have to see who the future considerations are? Bishops salary is a bit high as well and with Tillman saying they are close to going over the SMS this could be interesting.

Unless Bishop had a front-loaded contract...

Well the games I have watched him in he is not a bad QB given the right circumstances. Remember his attitude has some what been effected by the problems with management trying to figure who is going to control the team at QB.
If he is given the positon as number 1 in rider nation he just might prove to be a great catch for Tillman. But then again there comes a cost at future considerations. With the salary Bishop has the riders will need to give something up or risk the penalty at the end of the year. IMO

He was resigned this year or last so I do not believe it was front loaded. Maybe some one can find out for sure. But I think this is a good move.

My guess would be Crandell gets moved, or given his walking papers...

Future considerations can really hurt. I beleive we lost a couple of really good lions players that way for that infamous trade for dunigan. 6 players in total, some right away, and some as futures. I beleive Sandusky might have been one of the futures. I do know at least 5 of them really hurt, and at least 1 of those was future.

As I said we'll have to agree to disagree. I've never liked him particularly.

As to whether or not it is a good move, only time will tell..........(a) how he performs in green, and (b) what the Riders end up giving up for him.

We can agree on that MJ.

NewsTalk 980 is suggesting the Riders are only giving up a conditional draft pick.

T.O. will prolly get someone out of an NFL camp,or Damon Allen

Last time Tillman gave future considerations it ended up being Adrian Macpherson

Wow, if that's true, did the Argos ever get hosed. Why do this mid-season when all you get is a pick in return? They got worse at QB and no better at any other position, right now, in 2008.

Not sure they got hosed. Bishop, in my opinion, isn't all that good, so getting a conditional draft choice isn't that bad a deal. Besides, it isn't so much what they get as what they are getting rid of. I believe that they have had locker room issues this year because of the two headed monster at QB, so something had to be done.

...addition by subtraction. Add a less divided/undivided locker room by subtracting a player.