Any truth to this?

I can’t seem to find any confirmation, and I’m kind of flabbergasted, although perhaps I really shouldn’t be…

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TORONTO - So much for the Toronto Argonauts' quarterback controversy.

A CFL source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press on Saturday that the Argos have traded veteran quarterback Michael Bishop to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

What the Argos get in return wasn’t immediately known.


I think it's true. TSN doesn't usually post false stories.

...Canadian Press says Bishop has been traded to the Riders.....Who's going the other way to the Argos is unknown??????

im guessing a QB and DB.. or DL

It's confirmed:

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What a mess the Argos have made this year.

…another question…who is the back-up in Argoland…??? my guess…probably one of the Rider qbs. who doesn’t know he’s gonzo??? :roll:

title of this thread should read TILLMAN PANICS AFTER ONE BAD GAME.

Bishop is an overrated under acheiver.

If toronto gets more than a water boy, they just got better.

future Considerations to Toronto

The Riders need something else though, FYB...Durant is injured, and he's the only one who's shone so far this's obvious Jyles and Crandell aren't the solution, at least to me, and whether or not Bishop works out, I don't mind the fact that Tillman is showing that not performing properly is unacceptable.

...that said, I may flip out entirely when I find out who the Riders gave up for Bishop. I reserve the right to change my opinion with no advanced warning.

LIKE I SAID! FUTURE considerations!!!!!

Good for you...we read you the first time...

....i wonder will Bishop start on Labour Day....Bombers luv playing against this guy..... :wink:

then why did you write what you wrote??

Look at the time stamp, minute difference...I suppose it's inconceivable that I could be typing my post as you were posting yours?

Regardless, future considerations means something will be doled out to the Argos in the future, right? And so when that day comes, I reserve the right to change my opinion...also not a stretch in logic...

Good trade for the Riders. Can never have enough depth at QB.

Can't say that.............

If they traded for Ted White would you say "Good trade, can never have enough depth at QB"?

Anyway, we can't evaluate the trade until we see what flows the other way.

If they gave up a 10th round draft choice that's one thing. If they give up 2 starters that's something else entirely.

at this point, the Riders gave away nothing,

that is all that matters.

they'll likely give the Argo's someone at the end of the season.

As far as team chemistry is concerned, from all the rumours we've been hearing this season anyway, it appears that this is a good move on the part of the Argos...

Or a player on your IR list. They maybe waiting to see how the injury pans out.