Any truth to the rumour?

My sources, who shall remain nameless, tell me that this Friday's rematch between the Tabbies and the Bombers will be shown live on Cable 14 ....

Any truth to the rumour?




The Bassman

I watched the last Bulldogs game and they said during the broadcast that they would be showing it live.

Does anyone know if the game this Friday will be broadcast live on Cable 14 or time delayed?

I doubt it will be live at all. They normally play the game a day or 2 after the game. Thats how it was when I last lived there anyway.

I heard the same thing.

It said it was being shown live.

I'm not sure if it will be live but does anyone know how much tickets will cost? (lower for pre-season?)

according to the spectator tv guide cable 14 will broadcast the game at 7pm and again at midnight

Any possibility of having the game on the site for us distant Ticat fans? I would love to watch it.

It will be Live.. I spoke to someone at Cogeco Today.

It will be Live on Cable 14 in Hamilton
and on TVCogeco 23 in Burlington.
The game will also be replayed the next day
at 6pm on TVCogeco and at noon on Cable 14.
Todd Crocker will call the game, Neil Lumsden
will be the color commentator and Steve
Foxcroft will be down on the field doing
interviews. Halftime feature on Timmy Chang
and the new coaching staff.
Anything else you want to know.

Why don't you just go to the game?

where did you hear that ?

Can someone tape this game? in case we americans here living in the USofA don't get it on TV.