Any Truth to the rumour about Tucker?

I thought I was hearing things on the radio, until I heard it a second time. Are the Lions trying to sign free agent Jason Tucker? Afterall Our receiving corps are pretty good, and the Offensive Lineman is where we need the help. Who would we drop if we signed Tucker?

Anyone else hear or read anything?

Free agents aren't even "free agents" yet(sometime in february they become available i think), so all that i guess is supposedly rumoured to be going on is negotiations right now. And I highly doubt that Tucker would want to sign elsewhere after winning a grey cup, and we all know money isn't a problem for the esks.

Haven't heard anything, but you're right, we don't need help in the reciever corp, we need help on the O-line, and now that Simpson is leaving, we need someone to fill his spot at the MLB position.

You state two good reasons why I'm very skeptical of this rumour.

Free agents are available on Feb 15th

I think CKNW Is bored...nothing to do but rumours!

'NW has died off since Corus took them over, they're more a mouthpiece for the East now, instead of for BC.

I agree, they got that goofball Charles Adler in the afternoon…BORING!

By any chance did this rumour come from a source out of Toronto.