any... TRAGICALLY HIP fans , here?

I am , and they are great on the GREY CUP …DVD! :wink:

I was…and I guess in a way I still am, but I don’t think they’ve released anything worthwhile since their live album several years ago. They’re getting a little stale. It all went downhill after Day For Night in my view.

The Hip are the only band in Canada. And that DVD is awesome. I hope they do it every year. I have 25 Grey Cups on VHS but I’ll buy them all again on DVD if they had them!

you can also get “CFL TRADTIONS” on DVD of your favorite team…as well. :wink:

I loved the HIPS… half time show. :smiley: And all the football high lites.

I only have the Ti-Cats Traditions DVD (surprise). Eventually I’ll collect them all. The mascot thing was pretty weak on th e Grey Cup DVD, but that trivia is unbelievable. It took me any my buddy 45 minutes to tag team that quiz and still only managed 37%. And I like to think we are both pretty knowledgable CFL fans.

YA ! I skip the Mascot part…loll…

As for CFL TRADITIONS , if you go to amazon…and type in… cfl east or cfl west… you can get a whole division for a much lower price than buying them all as singles DVDS…that is if you want that many.

I like the fact that the DVDS for each team , all have a history of the CFL on them…that is cool. :wink: :smiley:

I thought Shania was better

In between evolution isn’t bad. In fact some of the songs are pretty good. But what do you mean, they are the only band in Canada, Yeast#5. Go Rush! Go 54-40! Go Tea Party! Etc!

IN BETWEEN EVOLUTION… is great…live between us …and phantom power… are really god as well.

I love RUSH…RUSH IN RIO …[DVD] is great ,too. :smiley:

Definitely with you on Live Between Us - Gord Downie is fantastic! I don’t have Rush in Rio (or Phantom Power, but Poets is awesome), but I just bought Caress of Steel and Fly by Night - on vinyl!

Sorry Zartan. I think something got lost in translation. The subject of the thread was “Who Likes the Hip”, I was just trying to emphasize my passion for the Hip. I need to use more “!” It was not a knock agains Canadian music.

Staying with the “Hip”, “Up to Here” is the best album. “Wheat Kings” is their best song!

PHANTON POWER , is their best CD to me …it is a masterpiece…wthe the songs …FIRE WORKS, POETS, BOBCYGAN…ect…

But you have to listen to it a couple of times , to get it.

RUSH , are really good as well…get …RUSH IN RIO [DVD]

2112 , HEMISPHERES and A FAREWELL TO KINDS are really good , as well.

Get…VAPOR TRAILS… ON VINAL…and their cover EP …FEEDBACK…where they sing …Summertime blues…Cross roads [clapton] …THE SEEKER [the who] …MR. SOUL [neil young]…ect…

‘’ your imaginqation is having puppies " :lol:

I consider “Gift Shop” as my favourite. The video is awesome! But I love the lyrics to “We’ll go too”; I used to regulary say "You cannot know, you cannot not know, what you’re knowing.

I like …" you teach your kids some fashion sense and they fashion some of thier own "

or KURT COBAN as a SHEEP DOG… :smiley:

The Hip suck. I just found out they will be playing with the Stones in Moncton and I will be going to see that as well on my cross Canada trip. Don’t really like the Stones either but my buddy in Moncton really wants to go see them.

I think you may be the only person in the ATLANTIC provinces that feels the way you do about that concert :lol:

The HIP don’t suck :wink:

The Trigically Hip suck they are the worst band ever how could you say they are the only canadian band I would rather listen to yoddling. Not sure on spelling and that’s coming from someone who loves hard rock sorry but rush and the guess who are way better. My favourite band is Iron Maiden and they are from Britian not that it matters.

that is your opinion…I also love RUSH and the GUESS WHO. :smiley:

No offence, my Canadian brothers, but I thought that they sucked at the Grey Cup!

I hope whomever performs this year will be better.

I never saw it, but I saw her at the Super Bowl, and I’ll say the best Grey Cup performence was by Shania Twain at the 2002 GC!