Any trade rumers??

Anyone heard of any actual trade rumers flying around I have not heard any except for dumb one like saying trade lumsden. Seriously any legit talk going on?

isnt the trade deadline tomorrow?

and no i havent heard anything at all.

"Actual rumour"?

That's funny.

Want a trade rumour? Just make one up.

ok I heard we are sending nobody to Winnipeg for Zeke Moreno

Quinton Porter to Winnipeg for Joe Smith and a 5th round pick in the 2012 draft.

EDM has def. inquired about Jessie.
Rita stated yesterday teams have approached him but no names revealed.

Smogmonster: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Very good.

Lumsden and Printers to Winnipeg for three footballs and a case of Gatorade. :smiley:

we should show the footballs and gatorade the playbook before taman changes his mind.
to be serious...........the deadline has come and gone and enless there are deals still to be announced or a broken fax machine........nothin big to report.

I am being Trade to Calgary for a Bag football and Case of Molson Golden :lol:
Just kidding you can't trade me I know some wish they could ..