Any tips on Booing?

…the self-imposed greatest thing to ever happen to this forum (kel) is no longer able to tutelage me on the fine art of booing the opposing team…he recently convinced me that this is the single most dangerous weapon a fan can wield against the team that isn’t wearing the same colours you happen to be dribbling mustard down…

…so with Thursday’s game looming on the horizon and one Jason Jimenez ready to step onto the field of McMahon Stadium I figure I better get some boo-training in…I’m pretty sure that you can’t do nothing and then just show up and boo…after one or two it might sound like puberty again…

…so please, your advice is greatly required…

…and I won’t be trusting any Leos fans here because I bet you’ll give me advice that will completely diminish my boo-powers…

Go to the East side stands at TF and they'll school you in the fine art of battery-throwing.

You could start by doing some throat exercises. :lol:

Is kel banned? I haven't been posting a lot lately, so I guess I'm not up to speed on a few things around here.

I say one rotten tomatoe is worth a thousand boos :twisted:

Ok, seriously. I have been critical of the whole JJ thing but am willing to take a wait and see before I judge him any further.

Hoever, if I was a fan of another team. I would start a "guilty" chant, every time he stepped on the field.

In the meantime, practice by booing

  • the news anytime olympics 2010 is mentioned
  • BC premier Campbell
  • every time you come across a reality tv show
  • anything green
  • any mention of NBA or MLB, specially the Jays
  • any mention of that certain crowd in Toronto

...if you were a fan of another team, but you are are a Lions fan...your opinion, therefore, does not the fine print at the end of Red's post... :twisted:

Yeah, but I am capable of being a chameleon(sp?). Look at how I get accused of not being a real lions fan. Also, look at how good I could put myself in other fans shoes with the last line of my first post in this thread.

also, I wouldnt want to run the risk of being too conservative by always obeying the rules now would I :twisted: :wink: :slight_smile:

A chant of Anthony or Garguilo would be appropriate. Our Jimenez you mindless ape is another good one. Our just the old fashion boo when he comes onto the field.
Battery throwing? Someone say that I hope you have a good lawyer if you ever get caught. By the way rider fans next time you tail gate at McMahon the rules are going to be enforced. so adhere to the law. Just in case you good rider fans have not heard they will have strict rules in place at McMahon this year.
Some I have observed
Drunken in a public place (no kidding)
Drinking openly ( No kidding )
Streaking ( only with fans dressed in green) LOL
Smoking Pot or smoking in public area's.
All tail gating must be done prior to half time.
LOL I have seen where some do not even make it to the game.

I'm not sure why you are just mentioning this to Rider fans. We are there once maybe twice a year. It would only make sense that it is your own fans that need to know the rules.

on another note, its too bad that the no fun police have been at again.
Its kind of hard to tailgate without breaking at least one of the first two rules you list.

I like that idea. :thup:

I know, I know, R&W said no Lion fans.....but.....

Well Billy I guess you did not read my post yet again. I did mention the fact that in case you did not know. So it applies to all fans but the Rider fans are the biggest abusers of these rules. And we would not want these fans to have a bad time. Now would we?

...and it has nothing to do with this topic.

I think 2005 was just making a "Public Service " announcement.

Not worry RW2005, this old geezer wont be streaking in McMahon this year! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any jail time I do could be a Life sentence! :lol:

Yes and you would have a couple of guys chasing you with a body bag. Calm down JM02 your up tight. I just do not want to see fans missing a game and staying at a free hotel room provided by the City of Calgary.

I'm calm...if you want to talk about rowdy Rider fans, do it on a different thread...back on topic.


  • the news anytime olympics 2010 is mentioned

I imagine you are getting this in the face everywhere you turn, whereas here in cowtown it is only mentioned periodically, but I get the idea and will use every opportunity to boo the 2010. I don’t necessarily hate the olypics, just the mascots

  • BC premier Campbell

See above item. I’ll substitute ‘politician of choice’ here.

  • every time you come across a reality tv show

Already working on that one, but thanks for the reminder.

  • anything green

This one might be tough as green happens to be Mrs. R&W’s favourite colour. No, she is not a rider fan, just a lady who’s wardrobe is slanted to the greener hues. I might be in a world of hurt if every time she comes out of her closet I bellow a BOO!!! in her direction. Women can be sensitive that way.

  • any mention of NBA or MLB, specially the Jays

OK, but can I substitute televised poker for the NBA now that the Celtics/Lakers final is done?

  • any mention of that certain crowd in Toronto

So is this a general boo to anything Tarrana related, or more specific groups? I would think that there are probably small girls and nuns in TO that probably do not deserve to be booed at. But I suppose a nun could be a Ted Rogers fan all the same. OK, I’ll keep it to everyone from Toronto, sorry nine-year-old girls, I can’t take a chance you’re not a Bills fan.

…Thanks dude for the advice…


anytime, glad I could help :thup: 8)

Some people see only what they want to see.... :roll: