Any thoughts?

I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere before...but...I just don't understand.

Why is it that we can look like a high-school team in the first half and like champions in the second half? I could accept this easier if we were still in the first half of the season...but not now. Why are we never READY? Why does it seem to take sooo long for us to get in the game? I really don't think there's much to pick between us and the Lions, but we let them get so far up on us that it was too much to come back from (although we were a fumble away from doing that)

I swear...if CFL games were 65 minutes long, we'd have at least 3 more wins...


You almost get the feeling they are so confident they can overcome any first half deficit. Not a good attitude that's for sure. Frustrating? you bet!

Kubie, dubie, doo, how are you my friend, guess I'll see ya at Homers party.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a spirited effort this Sunday against the Stamps. By that time either the Argos or the Als will only be one point behind us (barring a tie) and Bombers should be feeling the heat. If they can't get motivated for 60 minutes from that than nothing can get this team up.

...Nows the time to put a little breathing room between us and the Argos with a couple of wins against the stumps.....You're right on pigseye when you talk about motivation...IF it isn't there...i would say 'Winnipeg we have a problem'...and will definitely have to re-assess this team....go BigBlue... :thup: :rockin: