Any Techno, Trance, or Dance fans here?

I'm just curious if anybody on this site loves this music as much as I do, I can't great enough of this stuff! 2Unlimited rocks! and so do the rest below.

EE: ... ce&s=music

Alice deejay
Ian Van Dahl
4 Strings
DJ Sammy

and many list goes on and on!


why does this not suprise me. I’d rather shoot myself

OK, now this topic was worth posting cuz now I have got Billy to kill himself. :lol:

anyone else?

You should download the ARC sample from It's not dance, but its awesome techno stuff (expecially in the middle). However, the rest of my techno experience is limited to Depeche Mode and the odd Moby single I can remember. Oh, yes, and the Soup Dragons. Remember them?

Kanga, I just can't get enough of techno, after finding out it is a Rider killer, this music is the real there any way we could get Dentor to listen to techno..??

disco sucks, ohhhh sorry did I say that..

do they actually still make that crap? I thought that was just a 90's fad.

I'm With You Kanga, And We're Not Alone. I Notice That A Lot Of The Music Played At Argo And Alluoette Games Is Techno, Eruo, House, Dance, Etc. Not Really A Type Of Music That Get Associated With Football. If I Can I Gotta Add A Few Of My Favourites To Your List; Rocco, Special D, Haiducii, Koko, And Torontos Owe; DJ Danny D (Check Him Out At )

Disco? no that has elvoted into this! Roughyfan, dude, this crap as you call it has been more propulay than ever!

I don't know, Dentor? you like this stuff?

Bamboo, Zantan, hankthetank ,It's good to know that you guys love it as much as I do.

Check out this station in Miami, IT ROCKS!!!

and I'll look into those bands and I'll post more as I come up with them.

here are more of my favorites:

La Bouce
Real McCoy

Cher: technonicy she is a Techno artistic.

Listen to whatever you want, it's nice this world has so many choices that I'm able to listen to what I like and you can listen to what you like.

I'm not fighting with you mate, I'm just say that this stuff is still around and kicking butt! you should have a lission sometime.

"Do you think your better off alone?"

"Talk to me, OOHHHH, Talk to me!"

It's alright in the right environment, but I like to listen to rock and to people who can jam.