Any teams to get a road win in week 2?

With the four winners of week 1 playing on the road this week who do you expect to win on the road?

BC - they just dominated last week.

I think the Riders will play better this week than last week, but I still think BC is going to win.

Frankly, I think it will be sweep for visting teams this week.

BC, Montreal and Toronto.

Winnipeg has a injury and QB issues will could lead to them losing to TO, which lost no stream in beating Hamilton, ever when Allen was out.

However, Saskatchewan complexity collapsed and lost to BC by 20 points, and I dont think they will have everything sorted out by the time they face BC again in week 2, even if DD goes down during the game, I still think BC has enough talent to put the game away with a W.

KK.....that has to be some of your best work

Thanks, just goes to show you that you can find a few gems among all my junk.

sry, vainly strikes again, which team do you think has the best chance to pull off a win and go 2 and 0?

dont be so sure toronto can take it in canad inns. our D shut down calvio on friday on the road in molson stadium on season opener. its extremely hard to beat montreal at home. im suprised so few were willing to say how impressed they were with wpg. if our D can shut out calvio on the road. im sure they can shut out wynn at home. at home Glenn hass a TD interception ration of 16-6 and has a 61% passing completion. with the best runningback in the league against a weak run D. im thinkin wpg will take this one. if any of them win i think it will be BC.

Winnipeg has an injury? To Johnson, who pretty much did nothing last week so it isnt much of a loss.

I was at the game, and that is not what I saw.

Calvillo overthrew his receivers all night long. So that wasn't you D shuting down our guys. Most of the time, a receiver all alone would not have caught it anyways because the ball was too far.

Can't even give credit when it's due.....wonder what the excuse will be next time....Cahoon admitted in the Montreal Gazzette that he was totally frustrated because Malbrough was on him like a blanket the whole game.....Calvillo stated he was frustrated by the Bomber D on TSN....get off it already.....your offence was completly shut down....penalties and mental mistakes by the bombers handed you that game.....

Does anyone have the key to this guy's cipher?

Cahoon was upset because twice the bombers DB was interfering with him and no penalties were called. Also I was at hte game as well and Calvillo overthrew a lot of his receivers or completley missed the receiver entirely. It was very rare when calvillo got hte ball to the receiver and the DB broke it up.

They certainly didn't shutdown the Montreal O when it mattered LOL

i take it you were at the game? he wasnt interfeerd with at all. we saw the replays and the close ups, and got the commentaters veiw of the whining and snivvling of cahoon. he wasnt interfeared with. that was what we call blanket coverage all night my friend. D shut out Calvio, just face it.

Blanket coverage-Bomber term for putting him in a burlap sack and then tackling him.

These bomber fans sure are cocky considering they LOST THE GAME. Now I remember why I disliked Winnipeg so much during their "glory years" when Jones was MVP.

I think BC will most likely win on the road, I don't know that anybody can stop them while Dickenson is healthy.. I also think we'll beat those Eskies again... and again, and again... TO without Allen I'm just not at all sure about, and Montreal... I don't know... I really think Hamilton is going to be strong, but they need time to gel.. Montreal is established.. but also inconsistent. I'll pick Hamilton.

ha ha ya we are kinda cocky huh?

but i agree calgary4life, i think BC is most likely to pick up a win on the road.

cocky......what game were you watching.....Calvillo 0 TD 1 INT, 260 yards or lose those numbers are pathetic for the best passing offense with all their 1000 yard receivers against the pundit proclaimed worst secondary in the dont have to be an expert to call a spade a spade on that one.....

most to least likely IMO