------> Any Team Leaders Emerging?

This may possibly be a thread that should be started after final cut-down but I'm interested in this today with the departure of two veterans who everyone looked up to and respected....

Do you see any guys who have the potential to lead the team if they are on the final roster?....

I'm leaning towards Nautyn McKay-Loescher as a potential leader type guy in the locker room and on the field.

(assuming he makes the final roster) :cowboy:

Cody, Mariuz, Hudson, Lunsden, Holmes, Radlein, Ralph, McKay, Collier.

I agree these guys will be the guys who will lead us now


That would be a bingo, Z... :wink:

The quoted list earlier sounds quite reasonable, but I am sure Jason will have an impact.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maas will be the man.

I believe Lumsden needs to step up and lead that team......This is his home,whom better to lead than the hometown hero.....Look at Hitchock and Morreale,both were leaders....
He still might be a little young to lead us this year but when better to leave his stamp.....

Don't you mean Chang?? :stuck_out_tongue: Just messin' with you Z.

I could see Radlein, Hudson, Cody, Lumdsen and I'm going to sneak Dwight Anderson in there. I know it's his first year here but I think he has some real leadership qualities.

I think its good enough for Lumsden to lead by example on the field by bruising linebackers and blazing and bulling his way across goal lines.

If his success doesn't take him to the NFL, he could quickly become Hamilton's franchise player and leader.

As for now I see Radlein, Holmes, Maas, Cody, Cheron among others as guys who need to step up and be real leaders for this team.

No one seemed to listen to him last year.

Maybe that was part of the problem....