Any talk about the Al's and Lions changing their uniforms?

I didn't warm up to the Lions uniform change last year. Also the Al's were the one team that did not change anything last year. Did anyone hear any talk about uniform changes for these teams?

Also for Canada's 150th birthday, should the league do a double header on Canada Day weekend with retro uniforms from "days gone by"? Might be fun.

Here is 1952's uniforms as an idea. Thanks to "Carlings"

Al Bruno was a pretty reliable receiver . I also noticed the end zones were pretty chopped up back then and the goal posts looked crooked and fragile . Good stuff to see way before my time .

I think BC is fine. Montreal needs to modernize

The Alouettes uniform is great, especially when they wear the white pants and helmets as they did in 2016. They should dump the silver helmets and pants and wear white all the time.

Vice versa. BC's uniforms/helmets were the worst in the league.

Neither team needs to change to me. Both look fine. I never want to see those horrid Als third jerseys again, though (the all-black ones).

I like the Al's unis. They have a retro feel and it is a look that's unique to them. As for BC, I'm not a fan. The helmet looks like it was ripped off from the old USFL Michigan Panthers. The home jersey has no white, the road has no black. And what's with the two different shades of orange? I used to love the Lion's outfits from the 80s. Even the ones from the 90s and early 00s work for me.

I like the BC home black uniforms but hate the white away uniforms. I think the Al's white helmets are great. Hamilton needs more yellow in their uniforms.

Personally I think there should only be 1 helmet. This year's Grey Cup, Ottawa and Calgary wearing both blacks helmets in a league of 9 teams. The CFL needs to start thinking.

Nothing wrong with the Als helmets or jerseys.

What they need to do is change the logo.

I am sorry, but a lark with teeth :roll: holding a football :thdn: just looks stupid.

Just have a normal bird head in the middle of the A.


Drop the A and replace it with a large NORMAL bird head.

BTW, as long as we are on changes, I NEED the Stamps to get rid of those black road helmets and those hideous outlaw uniforms.

I HATE HATE HATE the Stamps black helmet.

They look to much like the Ott RR of the 70's.

In fact, I am not a fan of alternate road helmets for any team.

I never understood the idea behind a road helmet. Seems frivolous. I understand the alternate jerseys, trying to find a colour/design that appeals to everyone. But nobody buys a helmet.

I agree with Johnny. The only thing I'd consider changing is the stripes on the pants, from the triangular ones they have now to plain old straight ones.

Well, and the logo, but that's another issue.

The stampeders with that grey colour and red and white was sharp and tough looking . Not sure why they messed with that .

The 70's lions with that distinct dull orange not bright orange was the best with the black helmets .

Getting back to your point about the Grey Cup.

I had a hard time keeping focus with both black and red helmets / jerseys. ( which team caught the ball ? )

When the Cats and Reds play , they are clear with the black / red and the black/ gold.

I have been told that qb's will focus on helmets. I wonder if Burris and BLM had issues.

Most likely just me. I tend to dwell on things that are not important. :roll:
At least that is what my family, friends and co-workers say. :smiley:

Johnny did a Google search to see those 70s uniforms. This picture stood out! :lol:

Awesome and funny at the same time. Apparently this guy was known as Jim “dirty thirty” young! :lol:

It's funny, a lot of people like either the Lions' home or their away uniform. I prefer their aways. But even then, it's very generic since it follows the same template as Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Ottawa.

I would have preferred a tweak from what they had from 2005-2015 using the gradual stripe idea. I can't think of any other team that uses it, so it would be a good opportunity for the Lions. I would have kept the orange and white scheme and relegated an orange and black scheme to alternate status, as below:

And I love that Montreal didn't change their uniform design in the latest overhaul and I hope they keep their current ones for a while yet. It's better to have some measure of brand consistency, which a lot of the teams don't subscribe to. Although I think they should stick with silver helmets and pants at home and white for away. They were all over the place last year. With that being said, I agree with brihind88 in that the Alouettes should change their logo.

Ottawa needs to dump the white helmets, they aren't even the same shade of white. Many teams in the NFL use the same colour of helmets without issue (Cowboys and Lions are very similar).
Ottawa looks better with black helmet all the time, like 2015 Grey Cup (White jersey and black helmet).

When the Lions exposed this look for 2016, the first thing that I thought of was the USFL Michigan Panthers.
With the exception of the lines, it is near to exact same. I am sure that is where they got the idea.
I was ok with the new logo , but wished they would have kept the white helmets , home and road.
In a 9 team league , we do not need 3 teams with black helmets.

The thing I find strange is that home is a dominant black, but black is all gone from the road. :?

Also, your photo of the orange helmet at home would look odd if they did that.
The Lions did that for the home pre-season game and I noticed the orange helmet does not match the orange jersey.
If you go over to the Lions site and click on the game photos from the pre-season game you will see what I mean.

You guys who think the Stamps black helmets are bad are crazy.

The black with red blending in at the back is great! Wish more teams would try something like that.

Some of you wouldn't know style if it bit you in the ass.

The Lions' home uniform makes the players look like creamsicles! :lol: