Any Suggestions??

Hey I'm interested in getting a New Tiger-Cats Jersey, I still have my old one from years ago and it's been through hell and back again, many washes and many a memorable Ti-Cats games now faded.

I need a big size though and I'm not sure the Jersey's go that big, I think XL is the largest anyone know? I'm 6'7" and 320 pounds so usually I take about a 3 XL Tall?

Thanks BigCat,

He isn't as tall as you,but he has too be as heavy,if not heavier,ask old "Fat Ass" Ford where he got his jersey :lol: he certainly didn't steal it off Giguere that's for sure !!!! besides I think the number most likely represents his I.Q score :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Jerseys go at least 2XL.

Another option is to find a game-worn one from a lineman or other big/tall player. They sell a lot of stuff off after the season, and the jerseys are pretty reasonable.

Now we know why you use Bigcat!
In looking thru the various sites that sell CFL items the biggest I was able to find was 2XL. We need to get you a jersey from one of the players that is your size!

Here’s one on the discount rack currently at the store. 3XL.

[url=] ... ank-jersey[/url]

yah i have a suggestion but how do you feel about run/pass blocking?

I've sent an E-mail directly to the Ti-Cats let's see if they can provide any info on your getting a jersey in your size.

Hey I'm all for it, I hope my knees will hold out?

Hey thanks for ideas, I'll check out that 3 X link, I know the 2 XL one makes me look like Shaq wearing T-Shirt a few times too small but the Lineman worn jersey might be an idea as well?


Hey Fenderguy thanks for the link, I called and left a message to find out about adding a number front and back and name, that's great appreciated!

I thought you meant for the Ticats until you mentioned run blocking.

Bigcat, here is your 3XL Tiger-Cats Jersey:
Maria Suriani
Retail Operations Coordinator
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
(905)547-2287 ext 242

Tell her your calling in regard to the E-mails for a 3XL Tiger-Cats Jersey.