Any Stamps fans in Hamilton I need a Favour

as Ticat Fan I am Embarrassed ..
So as a Protest I need a Calgary Jersey for last Ticats Home game..
If anyone has an Old one they want Lend out sent me a PM..

I hope you Kick our asses ..
I am tired being joke of the CFL ..
So I am going to 1st time Ever Shed my Ticats Colours for Calgary Ones our last home Game..
I am so :oops: Embarrassed For 1st time 30 years as a Ticat Fan I Cheer for someone else..

Wow do not give up on your team man. They are in transition with a new coach. And really that is the problem with this team no stability at coach. You guys should be calling Tom Higgens seriously he is a good coach and would be able to get this team to win.

Not giving up friend Just Protesting the bad Play
We need Higgens.. But will he leave his Job as Head of the CFL Zebras

I am sure he is chopping on the bit. He did get a raw deal in Calgary. Good guy and good coach if anyone can turn the Tiger cats around he can. Remember what he did for the Stamps. Look who is coaching the TC's now. The guy is a terminal loser so they get rid of one coach and put a more inept one in his place. The another problem is Crehan we know his act very well in Calgary. The players quit on him very quickly. The TC's have a team now they need someone to direct it. Trade Printers and get Williams going.

Still need Calgary Jersey There my 2ND Favourite Team Behind Hamilton
Would love to have Amour #2 one..
Cause the Cats Screw up not keeping Him and Zeke.