Any sellouts yet?

Besides Sask vs. Edmonton in week 3 and Peg at Sask on Labor Day??

Montreal with the extra 5,000 will sell out every game again. BC is capping seaons at 20,000 for their park, so they could sell out every game. The Riders have all but 2 games sold out allready, they will be a sell out all seasons. Calgary will sell out all season, they have over 28,000 season tickets. The PEG will sell out 7 of their 9 games. This will be the year of he sell out. 6 out of 8 teams in the CFL this year will make money and in some cases lots of it

buy the time our first league game starts in A couple of weeks, our President said we will hit the 23,000 mark in season tickets. our exhibition game this weekend will not sell out but our first game against Sask only has 2,000 tickets left.

This could be a record setting year in the cfl for sell outs, except for Toronto and Edmonton and Hamilton every other stadium could sell out every game.

Don't be surprised if Hamilton has a bunch of sell outs too! I see no good reason why BC can't fill Empire at least 8 games this year.

What's the capacity at IWS? I can never remember...

hamilton holds 29,600 people.

edmonton sold 33,000 for an exibition... thats crazy. its unrealistic to think edmonton could sell out every game. thats a lot of seats.

i didnt know calgary had sold that many seasons tickets yet. great info guys.

post olympic euphoria, maybe :wink:

i think the olympic thing has died off...

rds is a sellout for televising only in french.

A French-language network only televising in French! What are they thinking?!?! :roll:

They do that because the Als play better in French than in English.

The Grey Cup is sold out.

Ted Rogers tried to sell out Canada and push the NFL into Toronto. Does that count?

He died trying. Maybe the thought of abject failure broke his heart.