Any rider fans left on the site

Maybe its just me but this seems the absolutle lowest amount of rider fans here in more than a decade …

Never seen a rider game day thread with only a couple of fans posting …

yea i’m not sure if it was last season’s debacle or what but there seems to be less rider fans around. they could also be on the rider facebook forum linked to the team site.

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Lots of pissed off fans…from the Cody deal to vaccine passports, Not sure that front line is fixed yet either, seems better not much, can’t make a hole for a back for the love of beer!! Lots of factors I think.

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Looks like facebook has got 'em by the faceballs.

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Many are still active , just not on this site

Its not just as other are down to a few posters only as.well

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Maybe we should put out a ‘missing posters’ bulletin. Later we’ll go to a print shop and have ‘missing posters’ posters made.

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Facecrap has ruined the internet. In the old days you had dedicated forums and websites for virtually any hobby or interest that you could possibly have.

Instead you now have everything and everybody coralled like sheep under Zuckerberg’s umbrella. That way they can monitor every single thing that we do and monetize us.

Imagine how low most people’s self-esteem must be that they feel the need to voluntarily submit their entire lives to Facebook just so that they can receive a few “Likes” from their peers.

Eff Facebook. :fu:


Not every one is on Facebook, I know lots of people that never use that thing, whatever it is, just a problem waiting to happen. I also think they may have deleted some posters or moved them to Facebook, because I had to reset to get back on this site,.