any Rider fan want to see 4 NFL games in 5 days?

My friend backed out of our trip - arranged for 4 and we now have only 3. You need a passport and about $1500 for the entire trip (maybe less, but this should be about right for tickets, hotel, transportation, and spending money). The other three of us are 24, 29, and 30 years old. We leave from Regina on Oct 31 and get back on the morning of Nov 8. Games include: Jaguars @ Bengals, Patriots @ Colts, Steelers @ Redskins, and Broncos @ Browns. We are also going to the Hall of Fame in Canton, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and probably an NBA game (Cavs-Bulls). Contact me at if you are interested or would like more info.

forgot to mention - everything is already arranged - you just need time off work, $, and a passport

also - 3 more would be okay as well - we'd just need to get a pair more tickets for each event

4 games in 5 days....from Oct 31 to Nov 8....

...something doesn't add up here...


the 4 games are in 5 days, but there are an extra 2 days for travel

first games are Sunday - morning in Cincinnati and night game in Indianapolis (Indy to Cincy is an hour drive, with 4.25 hours between the end of the Cincy game and kickoff in Indy)
Monday morning fly to Washington for the night game
Tuesday touring Washington
Wednesday travel to Canton to see Hall of Fame
Thursday night game in Cleveland (1.5 hours from Canton)
the extra days are for train travel - slower than flying, but much cheaper and more comfortable