any restaurant suggestions before game?

I've never been to Empire stadium (nor PNE) and have no idea what's around there. I'm going to this weekends game (vs Bombers) and am looking for recommendations for restaurants nearby. Any ideas? Nothing too pricey (but no McDonald's either)

There's really not too much to choose from in that neighborhood that would be considered 'good dining'. The close by Hastings pickings are not all that great. You might consider the Lougheed Mall area (Lougheed and Willingdon) - about a mile south east of the PNE. There's a lot more to choose from in that area.

Consider Senhor Rooster on Refrew St. [about 6-8 blocks south of Hastings on Renfrew. Great dinner/dancing on weekends. Service is excellent. Good value for the price. I'd recommend the half cornish game hen entree. Phone ahead to make reservations.

You talking about Brentwood Mall? Cause Lougheed Mall is almost 2 municipalities from the PNE.

I wouldn’t recommend anything too heavy, you may have trouble keeping your food down at the site of this one. :twisted: