any reports on settta

has anyone heard an update on settas injury Ito did good But id like a veteran kicking on sunday

Geez, I dunno, but going by this footage, The Judge seems to have lots of experience under pressure and has ice-cold nerves of steel. If Setta can't make the party, I'm very confidant in Judge Ito

click link to view video:

nice link and now i say good point

Is this deja vu all over again? Who remembers 1986? A young kicker was brought because of injuries,and the rest as they say is history.

On Monday night's CHML Ticat radio show
Coach Marcel said the quad strain was mild.

He even went out on a limb to say
there's a good chance he will play.

Nick likely hasn't done anything
to aggravate it since last Friday.

Practices don't start until tomorrow

He will definitely take it easy at practice
until the one on Friday when he'll test it out.

I was just going to say that he reminds me so much of one Paul Osbaldiston...... his kicking style, the way he lines up to the holder, leg swing etc.

I'll have to watch closer to see if the Judge licks his fingers before punting though.... the way Ozzy does..... :lol: :lol:

His nick name is the Judge? How about the Iceman!! Those field goals are amazing on that link.
Setta has a better punt but I some times think it hurts use, especially if he doesn't direct to the sidelines. Those long 60 yd. punts seem to give the other team more time to set up some blocks and if the other team has a guy who can return they sometimes penitrate deep into our side of the field.
Doc 8)

Yeah I forgot about that. I used to think it was standard punting practice to slobber all over your hands before a punt. Anyone else do that?

I asked him about that one day and he said he has extremely dry hands and always felt the ball would fly through his hands on the snap or he'd lose his grip on the ball before he punted it.......and then licking his fingers just became part of his kicking routine.

i guess as long as the job gets done thats all that matters

that’s right…whatever works!

Kickers get into little quirky habits when getting ready to kick and unless they do the same thing everytime, they don’t feel comfortable …golfers do the same thing as do baseball hitters and pitchers…everything becomes automatic.

I notice that Jeremy Ito gives his shoulders a shrug or two before he kicks…Bernie Ruoff used to do the same thing if memory serves.

This is for "Al in NB"

.....some Osbaldiston "rookie" footage ...1986

I Still love old faithful OZZY OZZY OZZY

I'm definately a little scared about the new kicker's punting, not that he's got a bad leg but that he takes forever to actually punt it, what's he waiting for? it's gotta be faster cause I'm sure BC noticed it.

deerhunter Thanks for the video of Ozzy, brings backs good memories, I remember that game. I use to work with a guy who is friends with Chris Skinner who was played for Edmonton in 86,I spent the whole week prior to the game telling him we were going to win. Of course he did not believe me. I had a better week after we won the Grey Cup, I never let him forget it . GO TICATS!!

At the very least, my guess is that the Judge will be brought in for training camp next Spring if he isn't offered a contract elsewhere before then.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree, there is a sort of connection with Mike Gibson (our OC). He was a coach there in the late 90's (Alothough this was before ITO played there). I am sure he still followed the team.