Any predictions ?

Personally, I’m nervous as h*ll. Our last match up with Winnipeg is no consolation, that I would just as soon forget at 31-zip and probably shouldn’t remind any readers either. Maybe it’s a few days early to even think about what might be with the unknown like Zach’s health, but can we get through to Calgary? At any rate, still have to tip my hat to the team 12 win season and a home play off gate. So IMO, my $.02, I have more faith at beating Calgary than Winnipeg, but don’t think well get past Winnipeg. but I’ll pray I’m wrong about Sunday’s semi final. Sorry, hope not to get too badly slaughtered with that opinion and been wrong before, lol and it sure would be nice to see another match up with the Stamps.

Like you I am on the fence here. Bombers have come on strong of late, and our O has not been stable all season. The unknown of Zac, but that should be answered tomorrow I’m thinkin. It depends with Rider team comes to play, because they have had great and bad moments all season. The O needs to put points up, if they do that we can win, if not… I know either of us will beat the Stumps. The 13th man will also make it tough on the bombers. Going to be a good game I hope.

The Riders beat Winnipeg by less than a TD then lay a beating on the stamps.


If the Bombers can’t stop the Rider Running game/Marshal which wasn’t a factor in the 32-0 beating, the Riders will win by more than a touch down and the same with the Stamps.
AND if the offensive passing clicks, look out.
GO Riders GO to the Grey Cup

Have some faith!

Should be a great game. The Bombers have been the best team down the stretch for sure, and Bighill is really hitting stride. They are probably the team I would least want to face out of the West right now…but homefield is a huge perk.

As for the last meeting…not putting too much into that. 3 OL changes with one of them having one practice with the club…plus winning all 3 against a team is tough…the beating they took was a bit surprising though.

I am looking forward to Jefferson on the edge in this one. Remember that there was a scrum after the game…that’ll be a lil fuel.

the deeper Nichols throws the better just about every rating he has gets…the short stuff has been his weakness. That means pressure. Next level pressure needed. That also means leaving some exposure for Harris outside, but that is a chance you have to take.

Zach will be fine. I don’t recall if I posted it or not…but they were more worried about the status of his jaw/chicklets apparently. Supposedly he was lookin a lil off because of the throbbing in that area. He took normal reps today.

“Zach will be fine. I don’t recall if I posted it or not…but they were more worried about the status of his jaw/chicklets apparently. Supposedly he was lookin a lil off because of the throbbing in that area. He took normal reps today.”

Good to hear that, thanks for the info. Depop.

I think the Riders D will use the last game against W as motivation. If I were a coach, I would be starting every D team meeting with the clip of Nichols strutting down the field from last game. ::);D

oddsmakers are going with the bombers…but…who knows how this will end… all I know it will be one heck of a game. Hopefully with the riders off to the west final and beyond…fully intact and no hurts

Odds Makers, Fans, the CFL has imo been “underrating” the Riders all season.
Its not unreasonable being we haven’t had an offense all season.
It’s great having a ‘dangerous’ defense however as I’ve stated ALL SEASON, it’s not likely we’ll win the Big one without an effective offense.
I hope the Riders prove me wrong.

Riders by 11 pts, or more. Defence will be stand-out, teams will be steady as usual, and the offensive game plan will have a few wrinkles which they’ve shown, but not show-cased as regular plays… and the home field advantage (crowd) will play a big role.

This is going to be an interesting game. Winnipeg is without a doubt going to be the favourite to win. But the big equalizer is going to be the weather. The colder the better. We’re not going to see a lot of long balls if it’s cold and windy. Winnipeg likes going deep far more than the Riders. We can expect lots of running and short passing plays. I’m confident we can shut Harris down as we have done in the past. Our defence will be keying on him. Harris is their offence.For us it comes down to how well our O line plays. In all likelihood it may come down to turn overs.

Winnipeg has highest scoring defense.
All it takes is a “couple” of long balls for touchdowns in 60 minutes of play against a team without a threatening offense and the game is lost.
IMO the defense will be the KEY as it has been all season.
Rush Rush Rush the QB>
Go Riders GO

Bombers are hot at the right time…can’t fault this. This is the best their D has looked and their O can be dangerous. put it this way…when it was so tight for positioning down the stretch, they were at the bottom of the list for wanting to face in the post season.

My suspicion is the Rider Running game will be the ‘expected’ factor.
Have an unstoppable running game wins the contest.

Without looking…I am going to say this isn’t true. Most points off of turnovers…probably…they were only a few points, but I know it would be neck to neck. back there going into the final week. Actual scoring…I will predict the Riders were double.

"These two teams have similar styles with not a lot of passing yards, a great ground game and both have very good defences that can create turnovers. The Bombers offence has scored plenty more than the Riders this season so the Riders defence is going to have to be their usual game-changing selves on"

Edit: Team Stats -

You're probably right, Just something I read!!
See you at the game

As long as Winnipeg protects the football and don’t turn it over, they will this one fairly easy.
Riders can’t score points unless it’s on defense
If they do turnover the ball Riders take it

If the Riders offence can play like they did against Calgary in their last meeting, they should be fine.

So Brandon Bridge was partaking in a lot of First team Reps this week.
I wonder, knowing Jones liking for keeping everyone guessing, It wouldn’t surprise me if Jones comes up with a 2 QB approach tomorrow, with Bridge being used with his own packages like Winnipeg uses Streveler just to mess with them. lol?
Go Riders