Any predictions for Saturday's game?

I'm wondering how our confidence is doing?

I am confident the Ticats will win! :tiger: :football: :pray:

I will call it 24-17


I’d feel a lot more confident if Wynn and Laurent are both in the lineup. Wouldn’t hurt to have Van Zeyl either. Expect they will play better overall and a close game either way. Sask and Calgary on the road are always killers for us.

I'm confident that trading one your starting quarterbacks for two starting offensive linemen will fix all of your scoring problems... for the short term.

The Riders are at home, Fajardo and his receivers looked good, and Powell a strong RB.
The Ticats on the road and Masoli and the offense looked flat.
Riders for the win

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I like to stay positive but what you described is pretty accurate and the Riders winning this game is not an impossibility.

Playing a stronger team like the Riders will be a good test to see if the Cats solved any of their flaws from Week 1.

:sunglasses: The Riders in a cake walk.

When is the last time we won a big game (any game for that fact) in Regina ??

This won't be pretty for the Cats :sleepy:

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Well since you asked . Maybe this will jar your memory...

we lost that game

2012 I think. Before that like 2002 or something.

West has been generally bad for Hamilton for a long time. Calgary has been tough. It took the Cats 10 years to win their first game at Commonwealth too (78 to 87).


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You are very correct. Hamilton also had a long road drought against the Alouettes ( broken up by one playoff win in 2011). Don’t think the Cats have won in Calgary since 2004.

Didn't Maas QB a last minute FG comeback at McMahon once? That would have been 06 or 07.

Fun fact: this year we could lose all our games in the west and still finish 11-3


Won at home by a field goal but lost by one point in Calgary in 2006. Cats have a good string of late game losses in Calgary - including 2012 I think where Fantuz fumbled a snap when we were trying to kick a last play field goal and last year where a late field goal attempt was blocked. A few bungled late game moments at home too over the years.

Ahh yes I remember that 06 game now. Maas took off for a run down around the Calgary 25, hook slid, and Rahim Abdullah jumped on him and there was no call. Should have given Cats a 1st down with about 30 seconds left and continue. Instead they had to kick a FG and missed or something.

looks like Laurent likely will be , doesn't look like Wynn will be

You have a good memory. We try to put the Maas era out of our minds here - had to check Wiki for the game scores. :grinning:

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I suspect Hamilton is starting 0-2 but will get better in standings when they play the East teams and weak west teams like BC or even stronger ones like the AB teams

Also; remember the east teams do get an advantage as all needed to start on the road, so by time they come home will have worked out most of the issues

Hamilton seems the obvious choice (barring injury or random fluke) to win the East

Lots of hamstring, muscle pull type injuries there. Not surprising