Any predictions for Cal/Ham?

I hate to say it, but I think Calgary is going to score 40+ pts to Hamilton 17. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I am wrong, but BLM is going to pick the secondary to pieces; total slaughter.

Not expecting much from Hamilton. Won’t be a shock to lose this one.
I hope Masoli gets a chance to play some meaningful minutes.

BLM was missing on some long throws to open receivers in his last game. As I was watching, I predicted to myself: next week he will be spot on.

David vs. Goliath. This time Goliath wins. :frowning:

I think our D has played reasonably well, probably deserves a bit better considering they have been on the field quite a bit as well as special teams coverage.
I say we are down by 14 at half, say 17 - 3, Masoli gets the second half of the game and makes it reasonable and they lose by a touchdown and then we have a quarterback controversy moving forward.

I think we will see some more improvement on both sides for the Cats.

Our D line has been doing pretty well but in every game they are improving and I think they still will. They have had a lot of play time the last couple of games.

There is nothing saying that we can not win this game however that being said both the O and D lines will really have to have a great game.

We still may loose however as long as there is improvement and they don't get killed I would be a happy fan.

Yes, 40+ to something in the teens sounds about right. And Dickinson is not one to be gracious and play out the clock or sub in Tate for a few reps is he? Say 43-17. Hughes will be on a mission to take out Zach, and Messam always seems to do well in our games.

One positive thing, I find myself much more relaxed watching these games, and maybe more as a football fan as opposed to a Tiger-Cat fan. Don't seem to be yelling at the tube as much? :slight_smile:

Now, if Dickinson and Mitchell get into their whining or call challenging modes, or if 'Suits' and 'CC', do the game, or if its Proulx and then the officiating crew go flag-happy, oh wait, where was I going with this? :smiley:

627 to -5

No matter what the score is I suggest keeping some pain killer close at hand, pill or liquid form what ever works for you. :cry: :cry: :cowboy:

Well as luck would have it I probably won't get much of a chance to watch this one anyways due to it falling on my mothers surprise 90th birthday party date . I know the game doesn't start until 9:30 but with an expected houseful of out of town guests to entertain I highly doubt that the TV will even be on . Besides if it's a nice night we will all be outdoors enjoying it either in the backyard or on the porch .

Anyways I'm not really expecting much from this game nonetheless . I can't help but think "Blowout" will be written all over it . Hopefully it doesn't get too out of hand . As for a prediction on the final score ? I'm going to say that the Stamps take this one rather handily...............So let's go with the Stamps 42 - 17 :cry: Hopefully I'm wrong and the Cats surprise me for a change BUT unfortunately I wouldn't bet a plugged nickel on this one even being close .

Hamilton came within 3 points last week in a game they could have/should have won against an undefeated team(probably the best in the league). So, I think the cats have a chance. It comes down to play calling, execution and discipline in all phases. Please, no prevent defence...we have to pressure BLM at all times. Turnovers may decide this one.

My congratulations to your mother bobo have a good time.

Happy Birthday to Bobo's Mom. The lady must be a saint! :lol:
The score that I chose for Pick Em was Cats 21 Stamps 10 . I've picked the Cats each game and I'm ranked 4017th in the pool. I'm on a run and expect to close the gap, real soon. :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old guy with fewer candles on my cake than Bobo's Mom)

Well, nice of you to go and ruin the surprise. That is, if your mother reads the CFL forums. Seems like these boards are a family affair for you.

For which team?

We certainly won't see Tate in this game, but perhaps when we play Ottawa.

Looking for a grinding kick butt game from the Cats. If you can't beat the big dogs ............................

You'd think with only eight other teams, I'd be able to keep 'em straight wouldn't you? Thanks!

Well, in fairness, there is lot of team-hopping. Even more so since the CFLPA demanded that 1-year contracts be offered. (And surprisingly, it's not just the Cats who lose players to other teams, despite the overwhelming sentiment you'll read on this board.)

I think the turnover is bad for the fans and the league, not sure if it has helped the players much.

My biggest complaint about the cats (note small c) is that every year it is the same product on the field with little to no improvement. How many years has it been that our secondary cannot stop a long pass? Or our 'O' not holding the fort? Why is it that a 3 year old club can pick other team leftovers, scout and recruit and win the GC while the cats slog along in the basement. That was totally embarrassing for the CFL for a 7-11 team to make it to the playoffs and I was damn glad when the cats lost, they had no business being in the playoffs with that record. I mean come on, Ottawa RB have had a single poor season, their first.

I was hoping that when Collaros came along that the team had the missing piece, but it is just another name on a jersey really, not much of a difference.

BUT! It was nice seeing the team run the ball last week, that was a nice improvement and I hope they keep at it; Scheuerman reminded me of J. Lumsden but without the injuries on every 3rd play (I really liked JL, too bad).

And the Als have been without a starter for that long..Ricky Ray has been on and off the injury list during this time too. Collaros has been playing half seasons since 2014. And yet with two starters, Ottawa got into the playoffs posting a losing record. The red blacks were the beneficiaries of a weak eastern conference.

Now that the other teams in the east have their genuine first string quarterbacks on the field, what is Ottawa's record??? Correct answer is 1-4. Only one more win than we have. Out of 4 teams in this division, only one has a winning record.

And I was hearing that the RB's were to be front runners this season.

:) Just a slight correction but the correct answer would be 1 - 4 - 1 .

As for the RB's being predicted to be front runners this season by a lot of prognosticators before the season started ? The correct response would be true . In fact a lot of others predicted that the Cats would be the front runners this season as well . I would even venture to say that the vast majority of people before the season started were predicting that the Cats and RB's were the top two teams in the division .

Soooo hands up everybody that would've predicted that after 10 games played combined by each team this season that their collective record would be sitting at 1 - 8 - 1 so far ? Anybody ? Bueller ? Bueller ? Didn't think so !!! :cowboy:

By the way speaking about the RB's , it's interesting to note that putting their play-off run and Grey Cup win aside from last year and just looking at their last 20 regular season games played dating back to last season that they have been a rather pedestrian and unimpressive 6 - 13 - 1 in that time . So in reality all things considered the RB's minus their fluke win in the Grey Cup last year are a vastly over-rated team that a lot of people ranked much higher than they deserve based on the fact that most people have short memories and only recall the last thing that they see . When they are accessing things they don't really look at the over-all big picture and only remember what they choose to remember.