Any possibility of seeing Mosaic Stadium Expanded

Has there been any word in the Regina Press about possibly expanding Mosaic Stadium or perhaps bringing in some temporary stands for the Playoff game. With the heavy demand for seats this year I am really surprised the temp seats were not brought in for Labour Day and kept up for the remainder of the season. They easily would have paid for themselves and than some.

Dont think so, because they would actually lose money. I believe that is what Hopson said.

I believe as part of the renovations to the stadium they are trying to bring it up to 30,000 good seats.

And by good seats Hopson meant no crappy endzone benches or whatever they have in that one endzone now.

I did hear that they have no intention to increase the amount of seats. Playoff game or no playoff game.

If they put in temps for the play-off game, they would break even for each seat sold and actually lose money for every empty seat.
Let's just sell-out the old barn with what we have and be happy!!