Any point to having cfl w/ cdn players only for start of this year?

crossing cdn/usa border requires americans to quarantine

how would cdn accept a truly cdn cfl ?

Likely just slightly more than they support CIS football ... support for the "jersey/sweater" would add a bit more interest ... but the absence of so many stars would lose many

just askin'
cause i think it gives more support to idea of getting nfl $ turning cfl into a 'feeder' league for nfl

would give a good conduit for cfl players to migrate to nfl
all player salaries in usa $
and adoption of nfl rules would do away w/ that 'rouge' issue
cfl as feeder would really help make cfl more attractive to usa players
no public money needed
maybe its high time western teams have their own league and tor, mtl, ott, ham and bc become a feeder for nfl

i am an old fart of 60yrs of age and have supported the cfl since i was in my mid teens
cdns seems to talk a good game re cfl and ambrosie's latest askng for $150m was embarassing -
1/2 players are american and so

When the NFL gave the CFL a loan in the 90s, it wasn't contingent of becoming a feeder league so there's no reason to think that now.

As far as all Canadian players go? That will be quite the battle with the PA, a battle that likely won't need to happen.

The NHL will reveal their re-opening plan later today. I'm certain how they approach the border issue, the CFL will follow closely.

What about the US players that are already here? Should the Stamps (or others who have players living year round in their CFL city) be punished because BLM lives in Calgary all year??

Yes ... but just the Stamps

ok i amend my post such that all players who need not cross the usa/cdn border or fly in from elsewhere

ok i amend my post such that all players who need not cross the usa/cdn border or fly in from elsewhere

Well, there's wishing and then there's reality. The CFL teams are have trouble now finding enough Canadian players of CFL calibre. Now you are going to double those numbers? Sure you could find the numbers but not the quality. But with an eight game schedule and no fans in the stands sounds like a good time to try it. But I don't think TSN would stand for it as they know their ratings would tank.

i still think having the cfl be a 'feeder league' for nfl [w/ good migration policy] gives players a shot at playin' in the nfl - lets say would kapernack play 1-2 season in cfl b4 going back to nfl ? - and gives nfl players who dont cut the mustard a chance to go play in canada - and get rid of rouge already - i also think this 'agreement' would help quell the upstart u.s. based 'spring leagues' - and cdn$150m isnt much for nfl owners

***** IF ***** the NFL were interested it would be with NFL rules, on NFL-sized fields and no stupid ratio limiting how many players they could assign ... no thank you

$150m from cdn feds or c$150m from nfl
no STUPID closed bids television contracts that only benefit tsn
people can seen nfl w/o any sub on ctv

So sell out their soul for $150 million ... or were you actually not addressing anything I wrote?

i would get rid of rouge, FORCE argos the have 20 yard end zones instead of 17 yd - see what nfl wants in return - feds laughed at ambrosie - and again why does ctv show nfl even superbowl at no charge but only see cfl via sub ?