Any players left?

With the way these injuries coming in, we're going to be worse off then we were last year. Think they need to tone down camp a little bit or we're going to have 25 players on the active roster.

Injured in camp so far:
Cameron Siskowic LB
Todd Londot OL
Alex Gauthier OL
Kenton Keith RB
Willie Quinnie WR
and growing.

Yeah, what's the word on Keith. My heart sunk a bit when I read that...we need that dude badly to have any success.

This might be just a guess but could it be that the coaches are pushing them a little extra hard and taking advantage of the cool, desirable conditions? I know when it's really hot and humid, the coaches back off a bit, however, it's been like mid-September around here lately.

Maybe a factor?

Maybe not.

But yah, injuries are not good as far as assembling the final team and getting people properly assessed and getting them used to each other. Hopefully the rate of injuries slows down.

Wow, blaming coaches for something and its only week one of training camp. Might be an all-time first.

Other than Quinnie minor injuries are par for the course. Even major ones there's at least one a year. Ebell for Tor. last year and Barker here.

As long as we're blowing smoke ...How about players showing up out of shape, or getting hurt in trying hard to make an impression due to the increased numbers and quality of competition?

Camp is going well Injury like this happen every year .
Things will get better

Zontar wins the football logic award of the year!

Its good to see others that actually understand the subtleties of the game.

hmmmmm, blaming the coaches? That's a strange thing to conclude that's what I was doing. Actually, I was blaming the weather more than anything because there has been no need to slow things down because of heat and humidity as happens many times. The weather had been pretty much conducive to going "all out" in practice. Everyone pushing it is what I'm saying. Hell, if I was a coach at camp, I'd be trying to make the most of this cool weather. But yah, if you wish to think I was blaming the coaches? Go right ahead and be my guest.

Besides, it was only an idea that popped into my mind that might be one of the factors if we are getting a high rate on injuries right now.

So now it's the weather that forces coaches to push "a little extra hard" causing injuries ???

Seriously, If it pops into your head please stop before you post.
That's been your problem all along -posting without thinking it thru and posting on things you have no clue about.

updated injured list: (players that go injured in camp, may not currently be injured)
Alan Zemaitis DB
Kenton Keith RB
Scott McCuaig DE
Cameron Siskowic LB
Todd Londot OL
Alex Gauthier OL
Willie Quinnie WR (out for 9+ games)
Eddie Cohen WR
Sandy Beveridge S

Thanks Cheesegod.

That was helpful

serious Injuries? fuggett a bot it

All of them but Willie Quinne’s damaged Achille tendon
are little more that strained muscles and ligaments.

Ice 'em and wrap 'em up…

some players mentioned have sat out for a time,
others have been playing through milder strains.

No big deal.

So Doctor Ron, I guess nothing showed up on Kenton's MRI?

HfxTC, now would be a great time to fill us all in on MTL's injuries and camp no-shows.

Don't be shy.

Als' injuries and no-shows are discussed on the Als' boards, Zontar, you can check it out there if you are really interested, which I somehow doubt.

Out of curiosity, that gigantic chip on your it pine or maple?

According to Drew Edwards in "The Scratching Post", there are two offensive teams running non-stop plays at the defense (one at the line of scrimmage while the other one is in a huddle)
He said this is to squeeze in more reps, but, gives the defense no time to recover.

So kinda like a hurry up situation that teams find themselves in every game?


In here Als are played up as the supposed gold standard of CFL franchises and Ti-Cat missteps and negatives have been constantly and keenly pointed out by Als fans.
I'm just trying to level the field a bit.

I see in todays photo gallery that Cameron Siskowic is in the action again.

[url=] ... llery/1017[/url]

Guys are rested for the smallest things in camp. Unless its a real game any good coach will choose to nurse a players injury rather than aggravate it.

There is only 1 guy with a long term injury. Period.