Any other Chicago Blackhawk fans on this board?

Yay! I've been a Chicago Blackhawk fan ever since I found four Topps hockey cards on a London street in the winter of 1958-59. The first three were Detroit Red Wings but the fourth was a Blackhawk (Glen Skov perhaps?). I was enraptured by the big Indian head on the Blackhawks' jersey. I couldn't read yet so I didn't immediately know the name of the team with which I was captivated, but hey, I knew what I liked!

Here are pics of some of the 1958-59 hockey cards I have today:

And my Blackhawk jerseys:

Sounds like you are alone (smile).

Yes, very sad.


There are not a lot of us here so... the odds were against you. :slight_smile:

Couldn't post as I left the Hawks fold many moons ago .

I was a fan when I was very young with Bobby Hull . Read the Bobby Hull story as a kid . Had Bobby Hull skates , shin pads etc .. . The guys from that era like Stan Mikita were personified as Blackhawks for life .

Then became a Canadiens fan in the early 70's until they booed Dryden in 79 .

Left them and became an Islanders fan for a few years and then winning and domination was second nature .

Then cheered for whoever was the bigger underdog .

Now Senators fan and under dogs like the Knights this year.

I find I enjoy the playoffs a lot more when there is an underdog to cheer .

During the Regular season they just don't play the same way like years gone by and I only gain interest when the playoffs begin. The game is played at such a higher level during the playoffs it's a crime they want big money for the regular season games .

Moose Vasko

Pierre Pilote

Pit Martin

Chico Maki

Eric Nesterenko

Feel better, Fox ? ;D

Some of us remember. My bro and I always loved the jersey. We each got one. I think I still have mine.

Bobby Hull was not only a superstar he was one of the nicest guys around. He would stay on the ice after the last practice before a game and sign autographs and give pucks to the kids. I saw this many times. One time they had to pry him away to get the game started. Other guys wouldn't even acknowledge the kids. Part of the reason Hull is still so popular.

And he got himself painted by LeRoy Neiman for the cover of Time magazine!

Just wondering... why are you not a fan of a Canadian NHL team?

Well like I say the Blackhawks captured my heart in the winter of 1958-59 before I could even read their team name. I then swiftly developed an active antipathy for the Montréal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs because just about all the a*#&# running around in the schoolyard were either fans of the Canadiens or the Maple Leafs. That of course pushed me in the opposite direction.

Incidentally since we didn't get a television (used) until the summer of 1961, I ended up watching the Blackhawks defeat the Detroit Red Wings in game six 5-1 to win the Stanley Cup in 1961 at our next door neighbour's house.