Any one seen any flicks ramdon thoughts

I used to like eading DJ's random thoughts, Have not seen any posts so far this year, any one know if he's on under a diferant name or how to encourage him to start posting again?


I agree…DJ’s random thoughts were hilarious…and good 'comic relief" on the site…

me thinks he has designs on a career at “yuk yuks”…


(for those new to Canada, “yuk yuks” is a comedy club)…not too sure if they have franchises in the states…but it’s a funny place nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess He Busy with Family and Work..
It's called a Football Season in Hamilton

Or perhaps he knows anything he writes will get picked apart by the vultures here. Smart move DJ. 8)

John Avery has been grabbing every open slot at Yuk Yuk's this year. Somehow he's found that he has a lot more time on his hands.

He’s probably been thinking, “when the hell am I getting the ball?”

As I recall, the last time DJ had posted a "random thought" he was attacked by the voltures. Guess he must figure that he really doesn't need to go thru' that again.

Didn't I read on this forum that players were told not to read or participate??

Can't blame him. Of course, those vultures are just excercising their rights to be as classless and caustic as they want to be.

Here's an update on John Avery's comedy career, which seems to be going better than his football career at the moment.

[url=] ... 4-sun.html[/url]

Ive seen John Avery in Tornoto at the Palm Tree on Black street. It wasn't that funny.
Maybe its not to my taste but i think that mike Bullard was funnier :o

i beleive the last time DJ made a random thought he said he was turning over the reigns, and retiring from random thought land. hopefully someone else might take over but no one in line as of then.

thats all i remember.

what the hell is happening on this site???