Any one going in the RONA CFL Pool?

I signed up. It looks like fun. So far , there are only 68 entries so far , so your chances of winning something a pretty excellent. :smiley:

Win a trip for 2 to the 2012 , G.C. in , T.O. + 10,000 air miles , 8 road trips for some ones fav. team and 8 packages of CFL [your fav. team's] stuff.


Did it last year and am definitely going to sign up again.

It is great to see that more people are signing up :thup:

I was in last year and will do the same this time around; I hope to do better as far as picking the right points per game.

It is not easy. Even PRO betters miss a lot of times.

Last year I did quite well with picking winners but was absolutely horrible when it came to picking the combined score range.

I came like 9000th last year

I'd enter but it's probably for residents only.

So far , B.C. has the most fans and the ARGOS are second. Montreal , is in last place. :wink:

2,803 in total , so far.

Middle of the pack last year. Anyone created a team yet?

Made a CFL forum team

Reply with your username and I will invite you

I've signed up again this year, and after looking at the rules, here's the breakdown of the Road Trips you could win as part of the Early Bird draw:

Als: September 8th @ B.C.
Ti-Cats: October 5th @ Edmonton
Argos: August 18th @ Calgary
Bombers: October 19th @ Toronto
Riders: October 13th @ Edmonton
Stamps: October 13th @ Winnipeg
Eskies: October 19th @ B.C.
Leos: October 26th @ Calgary

Shoot me an invite. My user name is VicksDogcatchers.

I can't seem to find away to invite people, you might have to find the team and request to join

You can recruit players once you've gone to "My Team" and then selected the team you created, but you need the person's email address. As you say, better just to have people search for the CFLforum team themselves, and then accept their requests.

Now there are 25,000+ signed up and last place MONTREAL has now moved into first place :thup:

Cool I signed up, username Dust

I've been in the last 3 or 4 years ... was in the top 25th percentile twice. It's tough to get up high ... a lot of competition. I blame it on bad luck, of course; not my predicition skills :oops:

26 ,000 + and counting now.


  2. B. C.
  3. ARGOS

27,000+ and counting. :thup:

  1. Montreal

  2. B.C.

  3. Argos

Last place = HAMILTON