Any of you will buy a brick ?

With the new plan (phase 2) for McGill stadium:

The Alouettes launch the private funding for the Percival Molson Stadium expansion project

Montreal Alouettes’ President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Larry Smith invites fans to become members of the Builders’ Club by giving them the opportunity to participate in the funding of the Percival Molson expansion project.

Each fan purchasing a brick will be honoured by having his or her name engraved upon it, leaving a lasting legacy on the Wall of Honour to be erected at the stadium’s new main east-side entrance.
Due to its association with McGill University, the Alouettes Football Club is pleased to be able offer a tax receipt to fans purchasing these bricks.

Five different brick formats are available to fans and businesses, ranging from $250 to $10,000.

The theme of the campaign aimed at fans and businesses looking to support football in Montreal is “I’m in.� This 4-million dollar initiative is part of the total funding of the Phase II project, valued at $27 million.

The Alouettes are looking to complete the solicitation period over the next few months in order to begin the ground work in 2006, with a goal of having the expanded and renovated stadium ready in time for the 2007 season.

To become a member of the Builders’ Club, contact the Alouettes’ ticket office at (514) 871-2255 or for full information and a printable signup form click here.

Will you guys buy a brick ?

I probably will since it will be tax deductible...and something for the small family.

I'm just wondering how many seats they're planning to add at percival molson. Was it 5,000? Is that all that the upgrade is doing, or are they adding other new ammenities?

ckeck out this link for more info

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