Any Notable Bomber Injuries?

Hi Winnipeggers…are there any notable injuries heading into tonight?

Only new injury from the Argos game was the one to Vega. It seems Carr will not be playing again this week but Kent is back. Only changes to the 46 man roster from last week are Kent and Mainor are in and A. Watson and Vega are out.

Thanks BB


There's a shocker.I wonder who holds the world record for games missed in a career due to injury.

Pierce probably won't even miss a game, given that he continued to play with this one for a while. He might, but I'd be surprised.

......Pierce seemed alright on the sidelines.....I don't think he's in any type of injury scenario like last year :roll: ...Elliot had a good game in relief and it was there for the taking if TJ Harris didn't cough-up the ball... :roll:

.....Seems Buck was miffed in the 3rd. quarter....I believe he was pulled because he wasn't 100 percent....IF that's the case it was for his own good.....I don't like the head-hunting that's going on with regard to Buck and if it continues i think Lapo should remind other clubs that can run both ways...example Clint Kent playing right to the whistle and not pulling-up on Burris...It would've been more devastating to the stumps if Henry had to leave the game...These cheap shots have to end or someones gonna get hurt....Don't know if Elliot is going to be ready for next game ...He seemed to be on the limp as well after stopping that td. run on an interception...Guess we'll find out this there anymore Ricky Rays hiding somewhere in the league :roll: :lol:

I think Buck can get the job done and it’s going to be tough this year with the parity in the league on Defence. From what I’ve read Buck has a thigh injury, but I’m confident and do hope he’ll play in Toronto. As for Ricky Ray; I’m just as worried for our QB just the same as you/others are worried about theirs. The key is to get the ball off Quickly but doesn’t always happen that way and Holly Molly some one is coming from the blind side. Yikes

Agreed, buck looked like he wanted to go but was pulled for his own sake. Funny how the stampeder late hits stopped in the 2nd half after buck was out. Bombers got some payback shots in the 2nd half but the timing killed us. Burris coulda come close to getting a nasty concussion with the way his helmet popped off and him trying to scamper for a few extra yards. Mind you that's not just Burris but any of the many guys that had their helmets come flying off last nite. Players need to be smarter in that situation, someones going to get severely injured if that keeps up. Unless the league takes a stand or Elliott shows he can win a game though teams will be coming hard at buck trying to take him out. I don't see how anyone can argue that wasn't the goal of the stamps last nite. I think they are trying to keep buck upright by getting the ball out quick but they need to add more variety if that's going to be successful. In the end it doesn't matter how fast they ball gets out if the hits keep coming late like that. As for Elliott IMO he was fair in relief, numbers were decent but he was helped out big time by that PI call in the endzone on what looked like an overthrow.

From the FP:

Buck Pierce says he is hopeful he will be back at the controls of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers when the team next plays -- July 23 in Toronto against the Argonauts.

"I feel banged up right now. It was a physical game last night," Pierce told a hastily assembled news conference at the Bombers offices this afternoon. "My (quadricep) is pretty sore and that’s the thing that limited me in the second half.

"We got three days (off) still," Pierce continued. "I’ll get in the training room and get working on this quad and start feeling better...I’m pretty confident. I’m feeling a lot better today than I thought I would."

Pierce left the game after the first-half Thursday night at Canad Inns Stadium in what proved to be a 21-20 Bombers loss to the Calgary Stampeders.

The Bombers staff went to extraordinary lengths to shield Pierce from media scrutiny after he was pulled from the game, raising speculation that the oft-injured Bombers quarterback was perhaps more seriously injured than the club was admitting.

The club’s media relations department initially continued their lockdown of Pierce Friday morning, refusing a formal request from the Free Press to interview Pierce and saying in an email that the first time he’d be made available to the media wouldn’t be until Monday.

But then the club abruptly changed their position, issuing a press release at 12:30 p.m. Friday advising Pierce would be made available for questions at 1:15 p.m..

Pierce flatly denied he’d sustained any injuries other than a quadricep bruise in Friday’s game. "No. It was a physical game, I got knocked around a few times, but it was the quad."

Good point about the late hits stopping after the first half, wolverine.

Buck participated in practice today and looked good according to the FP. They also said Carr was practicing today but didn't give any details.