any news?

i have not heard of any signings yet any word on any resighnings?
and does anybody know what trades the riders are trying to do?
barrett said they were talking to 4 or 5 teams to trade with.

Thats because Barrett is still on his knee's begging all the key players to stay. "No really, we're going to be better this year, I promise!!"

Thats what we say every year but have we gottne better? no. if anything were getting worse.

It will be pretty quiet for Signings. I don't think the free agents become available until February 1st. Then you'll see some action.

Free agency does not begin until Feb. 15, although teams are free to re-sign their own players at any time. Players in their option years are also free to sign with NFL clubs until Feb. 15. An official free agency list will be added to the site soon.

Josh Bell-Webster
Online Editor,

thank you.i seen all of the other signings and i was wondering why the riders have not made one signing.thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as signings go the riders have to figure out how to bring there rumored 3rd highest payroll down under the sallary cap first before they even consider signing a quality QB
it looks as if Shivers and co. were puting there money into the wrong players and not a quality QB that would lead this team forward???????

Looks like you guys finally have an excuse to get rid of Nealon Greene....:slight_smile:

getting rid of greene is good but it will take more than that to lower the teams salery.greene is not getting paid that much i think

isnt Nealon the highest paid rider ????????
if so then we have to let a few more go just to get under the cap??
what was KK getting ??????????
looks like maybe we trade an olineman for some CHEAPER help elswhere??
ROY and DANNY what wre you thinking???????????????????????????

he is around 150ish i think

the riders should pick greene or crandell as thier starter and build the offence around them....they will have domingez back, remember...they were they started last season off good til he went down.

if they can't get a new QB, then they should be ok with the same lineup....imagine they have teh same line up as last year, and now announce the sining of dominguez...would u be happy with that?!

They built around nealon last year. guess how that did.

but they started last season well, until dominguez went down...dont get me wrong...first choice is a diff QB ( i prefer them to steal wynn from the bombers ), but if not, they gotta choose crandel or greene b4 the season starts.

Riders r interested in Garcia if he bolts from the NFL, the fact he was with Barrett and Shivers in Cowtown might be a good possiblity...Lets hope to GOD!!! :slight_smile:

It'd be even cooler if he comes up here with that ex-Playmate girlfriend of his.....

If we were over the cap before tho, do we have the money to sign him to what he'd want? I know we could get rid of Nealon's salary... but whom else do we dump to fit him in?

Should the Riders look at Spurgeon Wynn? I think he's still with the Bombers. He looked awfully good when he played with B.C. two years ago. Wht has he been all but forgotten?

he has not been forgotten,he was hurt so he never had much playing time with peg.wouldnt be a bad idea to pick him up in a trade but who do you trade?who would peg want for him?