Any news or rumors about June Jones and our free agents ?

Any news or rumors about June Jones and our free agents ?

Probably won't be any splashy news until after the Grey Cup. The league would not want any of the teams taking the focus from the big game.

June is 7 under with 8 to play at Kaanapali

While I haven't seen anything of substance, there is chatter on twitter the last few days about whether he is being considered for the HC job at Oregon State.

I found this, Yikes! :-\

Some Oregon State coaching candidates
Kerry Eggers Thursday, November 09, 2017

Musings on the sporting world. …
As the search continues for Oregon State's next football coach, a source says that Les Miles is NOT a candidate for the job.
June Jones is, however.
So are Jonathan Smith and Beau Baldwin.
Any of those three would pass my muster.

Jones, 64, was twice a head coach in the NFL (Atlanta, San Diego), is the greatest coach in University of Hawaii history and quickly turned a moribund Southern Methodist program to respectability, though it ended in a sputter.
This year, employing the run-and-shoot that he ushered into significance along with Mouse Davis, Jones took over a Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL club that was 0-8 and won six of his 10 games.
Jones is a Grant High and Portland State grad who knows the lay of the area, has a high-caliber coaching staff at the ready and knows how to win. His energy and enthusiasm suggest a man much younger than his age.

Smith, 39, has apprenticed under Chris Petersen for six years, the last four as offensive coordinator. He's an excellent football mind, and he seems ready for a head job.
No question that Baldwin, 45, is ready. He had a tremendous nine-year run at Eastern Washington, including a national FCS championship and five Big Sky titles. His Eagles, led by Vernon Adams Jr., came into Corvallis and beat Oregon State 49-46 in 2013.

Baldwin looked damn good calling plays as California's O-coordinator in the Bears' 37-23 win over OSU last Saturday in Strawberry Canyon.

I'd be surprised not to see all three on search firm coordinator Glenn Sugiyama's short list.

Oregon is a lot closer to Hawaii than Hamilton is...

A H/C in the NCAA is not just a H/C like in the CFL.
At Oregon, the H/C is like the VP, GM, HC, recruiting, scouting, making sure the players get their grades, scheduling games, overseeing the budget, School functions, etc., etc., etc.
In other words, The NCAA H/C does everything 365 days a year! It is a huge commitment.
He would have to rebuild that program from scratch.

H/C in the CFL is the on field part only with 5 months time off in the off season.

And, that's where Jones, when he last met with the media here, said he was headed, I believe to spend Thanksgiving with family there before carrying on to Hawaii. The university, last month, contracted a Chicago based search company, for $200K to spearhead their search. If he was offered that job, IMO, the only reason he'd choose to come back here would be that he sees the Hamilton position as seasonal, 7 months or less, yearly, with reason for confidence in succeeding, and requiring considerably less commitment.

So if Oregon offers him the job, then it's up to JJ to decide how much much money he wants (NCAA would pay more) and how hard he wants to work (sounds like a lot of work in NCAA if Grover is right, and he usually is). I sure hope he finds the balance in Hamilton a good fit for him.

Age becomes a factor too. A big university hopes that you can make the correct hire and have a coach run your program for 10 years. Not sure JJ wants to be coaching that long.

While, hopefully, it may not be to Jones, at this point in his career, the money factor between the Beavers' and the Tiger-Cats' jobs would be huge. The 2017 base salary of the head coach Oregon State started the season with was over 3.3 million loonies. I think that's more than Austin gets!

Well if he winds up leaving I'll understand and wish him luck BUT I sure hope he decides to stay here and finish the job he started this year in turning this club around . I personally feel that if you give Jones the job from day one fresh from the get go with a full training camp that he will do wonders with this club next season .

Yeesh, no wonder Orlondo took that job at Fresno state!
That is some serious coin in US $$$

And really, ever since I was a teenager, I've liked Beavers! ::slight_smile:

Anyone who thinks June Jones worries about how much he's being paid needs to listen to the podcast that was posted a couple days ago. He had a choice between an NFL job, and coaching the bottom of the barrel NCAA team in Hawaii for 1/3 of the NFL pay...he chose Hawaii, and turned that ship around. He is a man of character, and I doubt that he would leave something half-finished for a bigger pay cheque.

June did say in his locker clean up day interview if he coaches again it this would be a place he'd like to be.

Rix, I totally agree with you about his character. And I really hope he decides to return here. I must say I was amazed to hear the amount of money coaches in the NCAA make.

If your comment, Steve, relates to my post, earlier in this thread, about the Oregon State head coach making 3.3 million loonies ...... it was Gary Andersen, no longer with the team, getting 2.65 million U.S. which I converted to CDN loonies. If that's what "amazed" you, have a look at this list, which shows Anderson's salary as being outdone by 44 other coaches:

Wow, I think somtimes we forget NCAA football is the biggest league in the world.
The fact they don't have to pay their players (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) makes it even more lucrative; especially for the bigger schools.

Yep, that was it. Incredible dough for a university game, "supposedly" amateur (as 150Gage points out). I think it's nuts. I must be getting old, even older than I thought.