Any News on Where Hamilton will call home next season?

McMastet and Guelph have turned the CFL and Hamilton down. Rumors still that TD Waterhouse in London may be at least the host to some home games. The stadium already has a expanded seating plan that will bring the stadium up to 16,000. This does not include any seats in the end zone to the right of the home Grandstand which is wide open. The sectional Theatre style seating with luxury suites that have been place at Mosaic would fit perfectly theit enabling the venue to get close to a 25,000 capacity along with having corporate suites.
Problem is it is over 2 hrs away.
What would be nice is if the CFL and the Toronto Argonauts invite all Hamilton season ticket holders as guests to their away games at Rogers. The guest would be given their own section behind the Hamilton bench on the unused 3rd level. A nice gesture and an exciting atmosphere at Rogers between the 2 GTA rivals could be the start of something traditional.

TD Waterhouse is only about an hour and a half away. So far looking like our best option.

Still a year away, and lots of time left so I wouldn't be surprised if they are working behind the scenes with the city and MacMaster to come up with a deal.

I assume you mean the 500 level? The 300 level is press box and suites.

Yes the 500 upper level is what i was referring to

I would hope so McMaster seemed a little quick to say no to any suggestion considering the Ti Cats pay a nice amount for the use of the McMaster facilities for training camp.
I am sure Western would not mind that as both Montreal and BC train at facilities outside the immediate city area. Montreal spends a good portion of camp at Bishops U.

I really doubt it. The main issue with playing at Mac is that it's bad traffic for the hospital. That hasn't changed.

I would bet that Moncton will get at least three games.

I'm betting Moncton gets one, Toronto gets either one or two (depending on whether the schedule has two Ticats home games against Toronto) and the rest go to London.

Curious as to how you define “nice amount”.

Is Mac making a significant or nominal profit from the Ti-Cats or are they covering expenses?

Is it public knowledge what Mac’s expenses are to host training camp?

Why are you worrying about that and nit picking. It was stated in an article on the websight the point was that they would be losing the standard deal the pro teams have with universities. UGH stay on the point please

I'm just asking what you meant by "nice amount"?

Why is it considered "nice"?

Also, what is "the standard deal the pro teams have with universities"?

The reason I'm asking is that I've not read anywhere that McMaster was making good coin form the tiger-Cats. I'm not saying they aren't, it's just that I've not read that anywhere.

Any links or references would be appreciated.

I've read that the Tiger-cats have paid $200,000 for training camp, but have not read anywhere what it costs Mac to host training camp.

With residences, food and facility rentals, it costs the Tiger-Cats over $200,000 to hold their camp there.
[url=] ... id=4506242[/url]

I did read that if the Cats did play at Mac next year, the Cats would have paid Mac $300,000 over and above costs.

[url=] ... ium-stance[/url]

The "bad traffic" for the hospital was a statement and an opinion by the Mac spokesman and not actual fact. Just like his statement that 15,000 fans would upset summer classes.
Like I said, it wouldn't surprise me if there are negotiations going on with Mac.

why dont they just play all their games on the road and when it is considered their home game the team they play will give them the standard profit for the game while their fans and their team get extra games at home

NEWS FLASH: The Hamilton Tiger Cats have a deal with the Hamilton Public School Board to host games at all the high schools of the city starting at Glendale SS Home of DA BEARS ! cool idea with sponsors and temporary seating set up , tickets available through a limited lottery for a ticket to this event will be held shortly . :rockin: :lol: