Any news on Tucker?

Personally, if it's a situation where one minor injury could end his career for good, I'd rather see him on the sidelines as some sort of coach, like AJ Gass. However, if he is healthy, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him on the field again. Who wouldn't want him on their team?

But unfortunately, living in Ontario I don't get much news over here concernig the Eskimos. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about his future plans.

havent heard anything .i think tuck is too smart to think of returning to football.........he's got kids to feed .........

not much of edmonton is wheel chair accessible ........

Is there a web-site that we can get more info on Jason and how he's doing?

It's official, he's a coach with the Eskimos:

Jason Tucker is remaining with the Edmonton Eskimos, but as a coach and not a player.

A league source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press late Thursday night that Tucker will be named a receivers coach with the CFL team after suffering a career-ending neck injury last season. Tucker would join the staff of new Eskimos head coach Richie Hall, the long-time Saskatchewan Roughriders assistant who was hired last month when Danny Maciocia relinquished sideline duties to become the club's full-time general manager.

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Not so fast Coach, this article ... story.html claims it's still up in the air. Danny Pinata is still looking at other receiver coaches and seems to think Tucker could return as a player. Which I find totally mind-blowing after an injury like that and at his age. If my head had been removed from my shoulders like that I think I would have panic attacks if I came to near to a football field. Show what an amazing guy Tucker is. I'll be happy to have him in the 'Skmo's organization in any capacity.

now wait just a sec!!!

who's making the hiring choices, Richie Hall or Danny Mac?

I thought that when Hall was hired as the HC that he had full reign as to who's his assistants will be?

if thats true.. then why is Danny Mac having anything to do with looking for Assistants?

He's an idiot and doesn't know what his actual job duties are?

Nice to see People using "The Pinata" to discribe D.M.

Looks like Tucker is denying the rumours now. Man, I hope we don’t end up carrying him off the field… :?

Looks like the reports were true, he's our receivers coach. Congratulations, Tucker! :smiley: He should provide a nice boost on the sideline.

What a Classy move by this Franchise , another reason to Cheer for the Green and Gold.

jason wil whip those receivers into shape :slight_smile: