Any news on the stadium front?

Any new news as far as Asper taking over as owner and the new stadium?

Last I heard, Asper had found his 2 anchor tenants for the retail development, now he has to fill the rest of the space. He has a year to do so, then the shovels go in the ground for the new stadium, 2011 at the earliest.

Congrats to Pigseye on becoming mod, I was after that job :lol:

....congrats pigseye......maybe now we''ll get some decent monitoring of this site and get rid of some of the garbage posts that seem to pop-up here from time to time... :thup:

Add my congrats to the list too. I agree with papa.

I agree with Papa...congrats Pigseye...I think we're all in agreement of having a strong moderator on our site to get rid of most of the stupidity that "was" allowed on our site by other mods. We don't expect miracles but we know you'll do your best and that's all we're looking for is a nice improvement.